Saturday, July 31, 2010


When this summer began, I just knew I would have tons of time. Tons of time to blog, cook, travel back and forth to Pryor, have dates with my husband, prepare for the baby, and just enjoy.

I have done all these things, but not as often as I wish because I haven't had "tons of time". I don't know what it is about summer, but the days just fly by!

I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant! What?! When the summer began (well, Memorial Day), I was 5 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast it's gone. It seems like we were just telling everyone. Now, we're 5 weeks from finding out what the sex is! I'm 2 weeks from school starting! I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer, but I wish time would slow down for the next few weeks.

Well, I wish the next 5 weeks would hurry a little so we can find out the sex, but I wish school would take just a little while longer to get here. I love my job, but it's hard starting all over every year. I have to get my classroom ready all over again, meet a whole new set of students and memorize their names, begin teaching the routine all over again! It's hard.

Nonetheless, a lot has happened this past week that's allowed me to enjoy summer all the more! Last Friday, we had a big Rial family get-together. My Uncle Charlie was down to help my Aunt Rhonda with a few things, so we all gathered at my mom's house to eat dinner and fellowship. The last time he was here, just a few short weeks ago, it was under different circumstances. This time, we laughed, talked about old times, and looked through a lot of Locust Grove high school yearbooks from the late 70s. It was so fun! I was in charge of dessert that night, so I made apple pie and oatmeal raisin cookies. They were definitely a hit:)

I also took my 13 week preggo picture. The size of a lemon:)

P.S. It is hilarious to watch Heidi eat a lemon! Can you believe she does that?!

Anyway, then Mom, Cassie, Cal, and I headed to Dallas this week so Cassie could get have her first dress alteration fitting. It looks amazing, I just love it! I can't wait until it fits perfect and she can bring it home:) We also met Callen's sister and she and I got fitted for the bridesmaid dresses.

*Sidenote, I normally wear a size 2 or 4 in dresses, but since I'll be 37 weeks when I wear Cassie's bridesmaid dress, I had to order a 16! Isn't that hilarious?! I couldn't believe it:)

Anyway, we also bought Cassie's birdcage veil and hung out in Meridian, TX, at Callen's parents house. It is a gorgeous house:)

His mom decorates amazing and cooks and we had a great time antiquing with her. We also had a great time hanging out with her miniature donkeys. Aren't they cute?

They all have names and they do tricks like "shake hands" and "kiss". It's awesome! We had a great week and I'm looking to fill my next few before school starts with many more like it!

Oh, and here's my 14 week preggo picture. The size of an orange. It's definitely getting bigger::) I have to wear my bella band pretty much all the time now!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Porcupine Meatballs

Since my lovely friend posted her porcupine meatballs recipe this morning, I started craving it so I knew what we were going to have for dinner!

I wrote down her recipe and made a great meal.

I then went to copy the recipe into my book and found I already had the recipe! I got it from my mom who got it from her mom! Haha:) Nick even said I'd made it before, but I didn't remember! Oh well, it was yummy and I thank her, anyway:)

Also, here's the latest baby bump pic. This is at 12 weeks. I'll be 14 on Monday:) I'll take another pic at 16 weeks. I think every week is too often, don't you think? If not, let me know!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi! Today, I'm not posting something huge. I'm posting what's on my mind. Which, I usually try to do anyway, but today it's nothing too exciting.

First, why does my widget not update properly?! It should say that my baby's the size of a peach this week, but on my screen it still shows plum from last week! Why is this? What is everyone else seeing? Are you seeing peach? If so, then it must be something to do with my computer.

Second, go here to enter my friend's wonderful giveaway!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Did It Have to Happen Twice?

At the end of June, my mind was racing and filled with exciting events. Alabama trip, Kansas City trip, Kern cousin get-together, girls night out in Fayetteville, Pilgrim/Rial cousin get-together in Miami, July 4th! Wow! Such fun things. Time to reminisce with family and laugh and eat good food. I was only focused on happy things and couldn't wait to get my pictures up from these said events. Well, 13 days have gone by. What happened? Life happened.

On July 4th, we got the horrible news that my Uncle Mike, my dad's little brother, was killed in a Ranger accident. Go here to see pictures of a Ranger like the one he was driving.

What?! My dad's little brother died in a vehicle accident on a Sunday in the summer with a child about to be a senior in high school? That's the same thing that happened to my dad! What? My grandma has to bury another son? You should never have to bury your child? What? His daughter is in Spain? Who's going to tell her? When will she be home? She'll be all alone!!!

So many questions and so many left unanswered. It was terrible. Nick and I left Miami immediately on Sunday night and I didn't come back to Miami until Saturday morning. Mom, Cassie and I have been through this before. We had to relive it. Only this time, it wasn't happening to us. It was like we were watching it on TV.

I hope we were able to share some wisdom, comforting words, and shoulders to cry on. Even though it felt like we'd been there before, every situation is different! There are never the right words to say or easy explanations. Just that the Lord is in control. He grants peace and understanding. He grants strength just when you think you'll never be able to handle the situation. He is our Father. No matter how much our daddys on earth love us, how much more does our Heavenly Father love us?

These are the only things I can say that might help a little. They might not help right now and they might not help for a long time, but what we can do right now is be there. Be present at birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, and vacations. Be there when they need us. We will always do that.