Friday, October 30, 2009

There's Just Something About It

Friday Nights in the Fall = One Thing


My dad was a coach when I was younger and the only way my mom, sister, and I were going to be able to see him was to go to the games, whether they be far or near. So, we loaded up every Friday night and traveled wherever the Pryor Tigers were. The big rival growing up was Locust Grove, but since I went to church there and all my family was there, it wasn't so much a rival for me, but a reunion! Before I cheered in high school, I would spend one half on Locust Grove side and one half on Pryor side. In high school, I couldn't do this because I was cheering, so my reunions at the football field eventually became non-existent.

That is, until college! In college when I came home on the weekends in the fall, that's all the games were about...reuniting. It was a chance to see some high school friends, chat with my mom, watch Cassie cheer, and live in the past, if for only a few hours. I have always loved Friday nights in the fall. My mom would cook chili, we would get all bundled up, we would cover ourselves in spray glitter (only during the cheerleading days), and we'd be off!

Since I've been out of college, the Friday night ritual has been few and far between. Nick and I have been to a few Miami games, but they're not so good this year and our evenings at home are just so rare, we hate to give them up. However, we are travelling to Pryor tonight to watch the Miami Wardogs and Pryor Tigers battle it out. Now, the dilemma. Which side do we sit on? Nick coaches at Miami High and he has many students that play football. I'm going to the game to see my mom and Cassie. Do we split up and watch it from opposite sides? Do we spend a half on each? It's going to be pretty cold, so we'd have to lug all our blankets and things to both sides! What do we do, oh what do we do?

Despite this, we will still get to participate in some good small town football, and that's what it's all about anyway, right?

Oh, and spending quality time with my mom and sister:) Which is probably where we'll end up sitting the whole time, anyway!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

As a teacher, you may be wondering why I'm able to blog at 10:44a in the middle of the week. Just one of the many perks of being a Pre-K teacher.

I have the swine flu!

No, there is nothing different from this stran of flu than any other flu, but it just sounds disgusting. I've had a fever and a sore throat and I've missed school this whole week! Fun, you may say. However, another perk of being a Pre-K teacher is the parties. Tomorrow is our Halloween Party and I will not be there to see it. All the candy, goody bags, games, and smiles. I love my job, but my immune system is still not built up yet:(