Monday, January 30, 2012

Everything's Changed

So I went with my mom, my sister and Lucas to the Doug Rial Memorial tournament this weekend. I can't believe how different it was! I mean, I know I went last year, but this is the year I really started to notice.

First of all, I have no idea who any of the wrestlers are or who the cheerleaders are. They were all in elementary when I graduated! That part is very different.

Second of all, there is no pomp and circumstance anymore. In the good ol' days, my dad would change into his shirt and tie for the finals; the homecoming attendants would put on dresses and hand out the medals; the finalists would be announced in a big line and shake their opponents hands. It was a big deal! Now, they run the tournament straight through so you barely even know when the finals are starting; the coaches wear the same clothes they've been wearing all day; they don't announce the finalists until they've already started wrestling; and the cheerleaders hand out the medals. In fact, I've heard of one tournament where the wrestlers go over to the medal table when their match is done and pick out their own medals...they don't even stand on the podium! Crazy, huh?

Also, there are no fans! I didn't see any Pryor High School students cheering their guys on and hardly any parents! Mom, Cassie and I didn't even know where to sit! We didn't see any fans!

Last, but not least, there were no cheerleaders! Pryor had cheerleaders and Inola, but that's it! The matches were so quiet! No fans cheered for their boys and no team brought cheerleaders! It was so sad and boring:(

I think my dad would be sad. I think he would not believe how little school spirit is there. It's the same way all over. Here in Miami and where my step-dad and sister are in Coweta. They have to pay their referies more than they make on a game or match. It's crazy! What happened????

They did announce that Mom, Cassie, Lucas and I were there. I know some of those people don't even know who my dad was so they don't know why/who it's named the way it is. So, that was neat so they can have a face to put with the name. We still want to keep his memory alive!

Nonetheless, we had fun and Lucas got to step on the mat. There are too many germs out there for him to crawl;) He loved how squishy it was, though!

We also took another podium picture. He peed all over his pants when Mimi was changing him (she's not use to changing a boy; you have to be fast!), so he just has a onesie on, but he still looked cute!

I wonder how different it will be next year???

Friday, January 27, 2012

Tiger Classic

My dad was a wrestling coach. He was a teacher, a football coach and a tennis coach, too. But, his real calling was a wrestling coach. He was amazing! Those kids loved him. They performed well for him, they kept their grades up; they knew how much my dad expected of him and how much faith he had in them, so they really excelled. He was a one-of-a-kind.

Every year at the end of January, Pryor hosted the Tiger Classic. So, every year that's where Cassie and I spent our entire weekend. My mom was in charge of the hospitality for the coaches to eat and we would be helping her, cheering with the cheerleaders, or just observing. It was always a big tournament and Pryor always rivaled with Locust Grove. My dad graduated from Locust Grove, so he always wanted to beat them in the tournament. One year when Locust Grove and Pryor were both really good, my dad promised his team that he would shave his head if we beat Locust Grove in a dual. Well, we lost...just barely. But, we beat them in the Tiger Classic, so during the wrestlig homecoming pep assembly, my dad had his head shaved in front of the entire school! It was awesome!

Well, when my dad died my senior year, they renamed the Tiger Classic. It's now "The Doug Rial Memorial". The first year, they recognized my mom, my sister, my uncle and I. They gave us scholarships, bags and a plaque with the new logo. Every year since then, we've attended.

Last year, I attended with my son...Lucas Rial Maxson. They announced him and that he was Doug Rial's first grandson and that he was born on his birthday:) It was so fun! We even took a picture:)

Well, this year we're going again! I can't wait! I have so many memories of this place and I get sad sometimes thinking about how different it is and I wonder if my dad would approve. It just makes me think of him. I'm excited for Lucas to really see it and take it all in. Last year he was so tiny. This year he'll be able to crawl on the mat and really look around. I hope he loves it as much as I!

P.S. Will take a picture and post next week:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Love

Lucas absolutely loves the kitchen! He loves to open drawers and get the utensils out; he loves to open cabinets and get the pots and pans out and when he's hungry, he opens the cabinet that has his plates, cups, bowls, etc. It's so cute:) He's so smart!

Well, when I found these, I couldn't pass them up! It was so difficult for me to find magnets. I bought the little letters at Wal-Mart, but he could put the whole letter in his mouth and they would slide under the fridge. Yuck!

He has the farm:

Here with all the animals

And the zoo:

Here with all the animals

They are LeapFrog. They are wonderful because they're big enough so he can grab them and they won't slide under the fridge, and he can't swallow them:) Also, they make music and teach him the animals sounds. It also tells you if you made a match and it plays a funny song:) Also, if you push the chick on the farm and the giraffe on the zoo, it plays all sorts of different songs:) This is his favorite part. He finds "The Farmer in the Dell" on the farm and immediately starts dancing and clapping!

This keeps him entertained while we're in the kitchen and he's learning at the same time!

Of course LeapFrog didn't pay me for this post, but I definitely recommend them:)

Monday, January 23, 2012

12 Months aka ONE YEAR

My dear little Lucas,

I guess you're not little anymore! You're a big one year old now! Mommy can't believe it:) We can't believe how fast this first year flew by! You have changed our lives in so many ways, but you just seem to fit right in. We have figured some things out and we are flowing really well!

The biggest events that went on this month were Christmas, New Year's and of course, your birthday!

I took this picture of you and Daddy leaving for church on Christmas Day! You looked so handsome in your outfit! People comment all the time how you don't look like a baby anymore, but a big boy! I totally believe them and you need to stop! Every once in awhile I see the "newborn Lucas" and it amazes me to think how much you've changed!

You didn't really understand Christmas, but you really loved it:) You loved all the family we saw, you love all your new toys, you loved the lights and the trees and the presents, and we loved seeing it through your eyes!

We didn't get to go to your one-year appointment on the 16th of this month because your doctor was sick, so we have to wait until February, but I can't believe how much you've grown! You are in size 4 diapers now and you wear 12-18 month clothes regularly, now. I don't think you've gained much weight because of your crawling and cruising, but you are definitely taller! I hope you get some of the Kern height:)

You eat everything we eat, pretty much! You absolutely love chicken, cheese, bread, macaroni, green beans, potatoes (of any kind), fish, bananas, eggs, pancakes, and applesauce! You drink milk like a champ, too! That was definitely not a difficult transition, so we're thankful for that!

You are still a great sleeper! Many times over the holidays we were somewhere later than your bedtime, so we would get you ready for bed over there, put you in your pack 'n play, and when we were ready to leave, you would sleep in the car on the way home and fall right to sleep when we put you in your crib! You make it so easy for us to visit and keep a little bit of a social life;)

You still aren't walking, but I don't think it will be long! I get nervous about it, but then you start to make major progress and my worries disappear...even if only for a little while;) You pull up on everything and you barely hang on! You will even let go sometimes for a few seconds, but once you realize that you're not holding anything, you plop down on your hiney! Good thing for the padding in your diaper:) Your walker is helping and so are the shoes we got you for your birthday! Your foot had gotten so big that you didn't have any shoes that fit, so you got two pair for your birthday. They are "Early Walkers" from Striderite and they already seem to be working! They are giving you more balance and once you get a little confidence, you'll let go and be off!

You still love your books and you love your "Praise Baby" DVDs. So many times, you will crawl back in your room and get all your books off your shelf! You are really good at flipping through pages and looking at them "right-side up". I hope this love for learning is always present!

By the time we go to the doctor, it'll almost be time to write your 13-month letter! What is happening? Now all of my memories from last year have you in it:) We will be going to the Doug Rial wrestling tournament this weekend (in memory of your Grandpa Doug) and we will have your second Valentine's Day! This baffles me!

I'm so happy you're a part of my life and God has allowed me to be a part of yours! You say "Ma-ma-ma" now for my name and Daddy has taught you to say "pretty pretty" when you find me! You can also say "baaa" when we ask you what a sheep says and sometimes "moo" for cow. You are just too sweet! I know you really want to talk, you just can't quite figure it out yet. I can't wait until you do:) What wonderful and funny things will come out of your mouth;)

Well, baby...we're just so happy that we have been blessed with such a sweet, beautiful, happy and healthy baby boy! One year with you has changed our lives for the better and been the best year of our lives! We are head over heels:)

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

Friday, January 20, 2012


The party started off with food, of course:) We all just started eating and chatting:)

Here's Mommy with the Birthday Boy:)

A lot of the kiddies ate in the dining room

Then it was present time!

Everyone got us some amazing gifts:) We were so appreciative!

All the little kids wanted to help us open! It was so cute!

He especially loved the cards!

And one of our favorites was this chair from Papa and Nana (Nick's dad and step-mom). It's just the perfect size and it has his name on it:) Also, in this picture you can see his little birthday shirt! I got it off Etsy too!

Then it was cake time!

Here's the big cake! It was amazing! Decorated by Grammy (Nick's mom)

And here's his little highchair with the banner (I made), his hat (from Etsy) and his cake (from Grammy, Nick's mom)

Here's Mimi helping us light the candles (I had to hold his hands cuz I was afraid he'd burn himself)

And everyone singing to him:)

And first bite!

He didn't quite know what to do:) And why would he? He's never had to tear apart something so big before. His bites are always small enough for him to pick up:) So once we did that, he really liked it:) And once we got that silly hat off his head!

Family picture!

And a happy mommy with a messy baby:)

Now it's toy time!

And a picture of babies and mommys:) All these gorgeous women and babies are in our Sunday School class:) We were all pregnant at the same time!

From Right to Left and Oldest to Youngest)
Crystal and Grady (born in August), Nakilah and Alivia (born in November), Me and Lucas (born in January), and Sarah and Brody (born in April)

The babies had to be holding something to be still:)

I had so much fun planning it and we had so much fun having all our friends and famiiy in one place:) Thanks to everyone for making it so special:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Really All About the Food

This was the biggest area of the decor! This was the definitely the funnest part of the planning!

"Green Eggs and Ham" (deviled eggs and ham rolls)

"Hop on Pop"corn (white cheddar)

"Fish in a Pot" (goldfish)

"One Fish, Two Fish; Red Fish, No Blue Fish" (Swedish fish)

"Three-decker Sourkraut and Toadstool Sandwiches" (turkey, Provolone cheese, Colby Jack cheese, and Italian bread)
**I didn't have "The Grinch" book, but this is actually from the song**

"Ten Apples Up on Top" (red apples and green grapes)

This was also on the food table. It's a quote from "Horton Hears a Who"

"Red Goo" and "Blue Goo" (Tropical Punch and Blueberry Kool-Aid)
**Each child had their own cup (which they could also take home) and I had water bottles wrapped with Dr. Seuss"

It was so fun to do this part and so easy and colorful to decorate with all the books! This was a major hit:)

Tomorrow, I'll show the cake and party pics!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Love: Dr Seuss

Hello all! We don't have Internet at our house right now, so I'm having to do my blogging at school and I kept forgetting to bring my camera to school...until today!

I absolutely love Dr. Seuss! I grew up reading his books, we spend a whole week dedicated to him at school, and when Lucas was born, we signed up for a Dr. Seuss book club. We get 3 books sent to us each month, so it's increased his collection and increased his love for books! He absolutely adores them and crawls to his room on his own to get them off the shelf! I love it:)

When it was time to start thinking about his first birthday theme, there was nothing else that came to mind; it had to be Dr. Seuss!

Today, I'll show you the Welcome signs, the Welcome table, and the treat bag table! Tomorrow, I'll show the food and Friday, I'll show party pics!! It would be way too many pictures to show in one day:) I have to break it up!

Pinterest helped me and so did Etsy!!!

Here's what you saw when you first walked up. A "Welcome" sign and many Dr. Seuss characters peeking around the door inviting you in.

Immediately to your right after you walked in, I had a Welcome table. It had a "Welcome" picture, the picture of the invitation, and a "guest book". I had a little card on the table asking everyone to sign his book..."Oh the Places You'll Go". I think it will be fun to look at that book someday and remember everyone who came to the party!

Here was the treat table. Each child had a bag with their name on it. They could get one of each thing.

Cookies (made by my mother-in-law)


Red Fish, Blue Fish soap


and Pins