Monday, November 26, 2012

22 Months

My dear sweet Lucas,

It's been two weeks since your "22-month birthday".  It's just been so crazy!  You have grown and changed so much and experienced so many new things!

We are officially in Fall now and we've done a lot of things to commemorate it!

You went to the pumpkin patch

You went to the zoo too!  You loved the penguins, the monkeys and the meerkats!  We thought you'd really like the giraffes because of Geoffrey, but you weren't all that interested:)

And we celebrated Halloween!  Last year during Halloween, you had just learned how to pull up.  This year, you walked from house to house in this neighborhood and said "Trick or Treat".  You are growing up so fast!!  

You are turning into a little boy before our very eyes!  You are taller, skinnier and stronger!  You are hilarious, sensitive, sweet, and learning to test your boundaries!  

When you get upset (like when you fall), sometimes you allow yourself to get mad too.  Then you start screaming and it's very hard to calm you down.  

You have started to eat more grown up, too.  You want to use straws and you rarely spill.  You started to dip things in sauces this month.  For example, you dipped chips in queso at Ted's and in salsa!  I couldn't believe it!  

You absolutely love green beans and you always love chicken and pasta!  Just like mama:)  You have started to like candy now, too.  You say "I want Mickey bucket" (which was your Halloween candy bucket).  We let you pick one thing from there sometimes and you always choose Snickers!  It's so funny:)  You love them.  I didn't even know you knew what they were.  When we were trick-or-treating, you would go up to a house and pick a Snickers from their basket.  You usually wouldn't even wait until they offered.  It was so funny:)

Also this month, you have started to have a fascination with shoes.  Everyone's shoes!  But, we usually just take pictures when you have women's shoes on:)

Once you put these boots on, you didn't like them anymore!

You also want to wear your own shoes all the time!  Even with your jammies:)

You can officially count to 10 now (sometimes forgetting four) and you know all your colors:)  You want to read all the time and I hope you keep that up!  It's so wonderful to see your thirst for knowledge.  I hope that continues because it makes us so proud!  You are so incredibly smart!  You play a matching game on my Kindle and you do so good!  Sometimes we just can't believe it because I have some kindergarteners who don't know some of the things you do:)

You absolutely love staying at Uncle Cal and Aunt Cassie's house and we are looking forward to the holidays!  You love each member of your family and they love you too!  Again, I know this time in our lives is crazy and I'm grateful that you are too young to remember some of the stress.  But, I hope you remember and know that you are loved so much and we are doing everything we can to provide for you and cherish each moment spent with you!

You are our pride and joy!!

All our love,
Mama and Daddy

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fall Fun: Event 2

A week after we went to the fair, our dear friends from Miami came to see us!!!

Mika and Brandon brought little Hudson and we spent the day together:)  We oohed and awed over the boys, watched OU, ate yummy food and enjoyed each other's company!  We missed them so bad when we moved.  We absolutely cherish their friendship and are so thankful we can carry that friendship on even though we moved.

That evening, we had planned on dressing the boys in their Halloween costumes and taking them to the Pumpkin Patch.  We knew we might battle some rain, but when we headed out, it wasn't raining yet!  However, as soon as we pulled up to Pumpkin Town, it started:(  It was cold and yucky rain, so we just hung out in the tent and snapped a few pictures.

We milked a cow.

He was amazed by the white pumpkins!

We tried to snap some pictures of Hudson in his skeleton outfit, but he wasn't very happy about being laid in the hay:(

Lucas also loved the weird squash.  Haha:)

We kept trying to get a good picture of him with a fall background, but he just won't look at the camera!!  He'll say cheese, but then will turn away?!

This one was probably the best one.  He looks like a little boy in this one:(  Slow down, baby!!

This one is hilarious!

And this one would be so good if Nick's arm wasn't in it!

We got a couple more of Hudson, too, but this one was the best one of the background.  Poor little guy just wasn't happy.

We ended the day with a yummy dinner and said goodbye to our besties until next time!  We miss them so much!  Hope to see them again soon and have another fun day like this one!