Sunday, August 17, 2014

Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, in July 2012 we took a leap of faith and left our home in Miami to begin new careers and a new life in Broken Arrow.  We had high hopes that our house in Miami would sell quickly, but it definitely didn't.

We moved in with my mom for about a month and a half and then we moved in with Cassie for almost 3 months.  During this time, we found a couple to rent our home, so we got an apartment.  We thought
we would be in the apartment for a few months and that the couple would eventually buy our house.

Well, about eight months later, they called and said they couldn't buy the house and were moving out.  Oh my goodness were we worried!  What were we going to do?!  If we couldn't find another couple to rent our house, we would have to move out of our apartment and back in with my parents.  Living with them was amazing, but it was a long drive to Broken Arrow everyday with Lucas and I had just found out I was pregnant again!

We decided to put our house on Craigslist and found a couple that wanted to rent again, so praise the Lord we didn't have to leave our apartment.  In February 2014 we heard from our renters that they wanted to make an offer on our house, but it was CONSIDERABLY lower than what we owed.  What were we going to do?  This was the first offer we'd had in a year and a half and I was 6 months pregnant!  We talked to our parents and thanks to their amazing generosity we accepted the offer and managed to figure out a way to make up the difference:)

So we immediately started looking at homes.  We looked at about 4 and finally fell in love!  We thought it was well above our price range, but after crunching numbers and figuring out the insurance cost and property taxes and a few other things, we were able to make an offer and they accepted!  After a few scary moments in there with our renters and the closing, we closed on each house within the same week in March and moved into our new home April 9!!!  We painted every room (including the trim) in the house except the office and we couldn't have been more blessed to find it.  We know that we waited a year and a half for this house!  It's absolutely perfect and the timing was incredible.  We were able to settle and get the nursery ready just in time for Molly's arrival and we loved bringing her home to this place:)

It's on a cul-de-sac and has a great big backyard and sidewalks and we have great neighbors:)

When you walk in, you step into the entry and see the living room

This lovely piece is in our entry way along with these awesome hooks Poppy made

You look to the left and see the office/4th bedroom.  This is our work-in-progess.  We have some ideas with this room (a bed/couch/fancy futon so someone could sleep over, a bookshelf, get rid of the desk, buy a lampshade of the lamp on the piano, etc) but we are having to take things as they come.  We'll get there:)

You come out of the office and take a left in the living and go down the kids hall:)

Straight ahead is the guest/kids bath

Turn left in the hall and you pass Molly's room (if you want to see it in more detail, go here.

Go a little further and you get to Lucas' room (we still need something above his bed).  His room is big and has lots of Poppy's handiwork...crates on his wall and the toy chest.  Also, a special shoutout to Curt Gwartney for the ruler!!

Back into the living.  We love how open it is and the height of the ceilings and of course the hardwood

On the other side of the couch is our bedroom.  We love the bay window and the ceilings and the size again!  Ya'll have no idea how small our apartment bedroom was!!!  We still have some pictures to hang and we want to get a chair to put next to the tall dresser, but again one thing at a time:)

We have a big closet and then you walk into the bathroom (the selling point for us)

Back out and into the dining and kitchen

Through that door is the laundry and a big pantry and then out into the garage!  There's a door right by the dining room table that leads to a covered patio and a big backyard with a shed:)

You guys have no idea how blessed we are with this house!  We absolutely couldn't praise God enough for His perfect timing and for our amazing parents who have helped us so much!  We really feel we could be here for a very long time!

Hope you enjoyed the tour and I'll keep you updated with any updates we make:)