Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two Months: A Letter

July 28, 2014

Miss Molly,

Oh what an exciting second month we've had!  You are changing so much and it's all so wonderful!  You are growing and getting a little personality that's so sweet and we just love you so much:)

Lucas is still infatuated by you and kisses you every chance he gets:)  He is so helpful getting you your paci when you're fussy, taking your diapers to the trashcan and laying by you on your mat.

You don't absolutely love your swing yet, but are starting to like your bouncer more and your mat more.  You take naps on our bed, in your crib, on the couch, and have also taken a few naps in your Boppy.  We are starting to figure you out more and more.  It's amazing how much we "know" you already and have learned what makes you you and what makes you special:)

You have started to smile this month which has been amazing to watch!  You smile at this silly noise we make while playing with your burp cloth (just like your brother did), when we smile at you, when you "ride a bicycle", when we make kissing noises, and when you're on your changing table.  You love your room so much and you've started sleeping in there too.  It was a necessary transition.  It took you a few nights to adjust, but we finally got the hang of it.

You love sleeping on your tummy; which I know is a "no no", but you try to turn that way anyway.  I think you'd eventually flip yourself over and you are pretty gassy, so we flipped you over one day and you've been like that ever since.  You now sleep 9 hours at night, so I think it's working:)  The mommy in me worries, so I wake up every 2-3 hours checking on you.  You start to wind down around 8p and we lay you down at 9p and you wake up at 6a.  You get a bath every other night (with brother; you got too big for your Puj tub in the sink) and you still love to be swaddled under the arms.

You both have so much fun in the tub:)  He loves having you in there and you do everything you can to wiggle yourself down and get a foot in the water!

You experienced your first fireworks show (with Mama and Daddy's Sunday school class) and your first 4th of July on your first trip to Miami:)  We stayed at Grammy and Grampy's one night and Papa and Nana's one night.  You did pretty good:)  You sleep better in your own crib, but who doesn't?!

You are still wearing 0-3 months clothes and size 1 diapers.  I wanted to wait until your 2-month check-up to write this and you weigh 11 lbs 11 oz (72%) and are 23 3/4 in  (92%)!  You are growing so fast and some of the smaller 0-3 month stuff is too little!  I'm trying to put you in some of it twice just because it's so cute!

You eat 4 1/2 oz every 3-3 1/2 hours of Similac Sensitive and you are still a sleepy eater!  Your Great-aunt Rhonda got to feed you at the Children's museum and she laughed at how hard we have to work to feed you!  Girl, you get lazy when you eat:)  We have been to the Children's museum twice, swimming several times, to Mimi and Poppy's a few more times, and to hang out with friends:)  You are so easy and so good and you rarely get fussy!  When you do get mad, though, you go from 0-60 in 5.2!!!  Your cry is so sad:(

We've also taken a few walks and you enjoy being in the Baby Bjorn which is very unlike your brother.  He didn't like to be cooped up at all, but then again he hated being swaddled and being on his tummy too:)  So while parts of your personalities are the same, you are still very different!

You've met some very important people this month.  Your Great-grandpa Dennis, your first cousin three-times removed Jenni, and your Great-great Aunt Nancy:)  They all loved you so much and just wanted to hold you all day!  They loved your pretty toenails, your sweet smile, your blue eyes, and your soft skin.

I want to remember the way your hair fell out except the very top and started to grow back in looking like a buzz cut, the way you grab for my fingers when I'm feeding you your bottle, your big crocodile tears, the loud grunts you make while pooping, the way you start to smile with your eyes, the way you stare at the pictures above the couch, the way you chew on your hands, the way you roll your neck when you're trying to hold your head up, and the beginnings of your little voice!

We just can't get enough of you and we are soaking up these last days before school starts!  You bring such a different dynamic into this home and we really love it!  And you!  You complete us:)

Mama and Daddy

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fourth

The 4th of July will always hold a special place in my heart.  I spent my growing-up years at my friend Whitney's house for the 4th and going to the lake to watch a show:)  I have so many memories and I will forever cherish them.  Since I began having children, fireworks are so much more fun!  The way Lucas' eyes light up when he sees fireworks is just amazing and I can't put it into words.  Molly was a little young this year, but she was a blast to dress up:)

We headed to Miami (for the first time with both kids) for the weekend.  Lucas thought it was so funny that Jovie was riding in between Molly and him.

We got there Thursday afternoon and spent the evening with Nick's mom.  Molly and I hung out and I painted her toenails for the first time:)  So!!!

We had a delicious American dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, green beans and deviled eggs!  Oh and homemade ice-cream and chocolate chip cookies for dessert!  And sadly, I have no pictures:(

After dinner on the patio, we spent time outside watching Lucas play, lounging on a blanket and just spending time with each other.  Oh and I think he threw about 200 poppers:)

Once the sun began to go down, Lucas and Nick started doing smoke bombs and Lucas even lit a few himself:)  Notice please how he and Nick are squatting the exact same way!

They even lit a few fountains!!

It was so cool that evening, we built a fire in their fire pit and roasted marshmallows:)  They were delicious and then we sat around the fire and chatted!

After a yummy breakfast the next morning, we headed to Nick's dad's house for the day:)

We ate a delicious lunch outside and lounged around the pool for the rest of the day:)  Uncle Cal, Aunt Cassie and Boston came for the day, along with Uncle Bo and Aunt Megan, and our friends Matt, Julianna and their daughters Camilla and Tayah:)

Lucas absolutely loved being in the pool!!  He's getting so brave!!!

We spent the evening eating more good food, shooting off fireworks and catching fireflies!  You can even see Lucas' firefly box around his neck:)  Everyone had so much fun:)

We had a great time with our families and hope we are building the same memories for our children that we have!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It Takes a Village

This saying rings more true to me than ever since I had Lucas...and now Molly!

I have a group of people surrounding me that love Nick and me, love my children, and would do anything for us!  They bring food, do laundry, babysit, hug, kiss, bathe, and love on my children anytime I need them and more than that!  I couldn't do it alone and God put them in my life because He doesn't want me to.  He blessed me with these people and they are good:)

They were there at the hospital for Molly.  Well, except Grampy (who got to meet her a few days later) and Aunt Jana (who hasn't met her yet but loves her just the same!) :)

They mean the world to me and I love them all very much!

Mimi (my mom)

Poppy (my step-dad)

Aunt Cassie, Uncle Cal and cousin Boston (my sister, brother-in-law and nephew)

Grammy (Nick's mom)

Grampy (Nick's step-dad)

Papa (Nick's dad)

Nana (Nick's step-mom)

Uncle Josh and cousin Colt (Nick's brother and nephew)...again so sad we missed Aunt Jana!

Aunt Megan (Nick's sister)

Uncle Bo (Nick's brother-in-law)

I love you all and thanks:)