Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013: iPhone Edition

Whew!  What a crazy few months it has been?!  I have so much to blog about and am just now feeling up to it.  A whole post about this pregnancy is in works for the next few days, but before I forget, I need to blog about Christmas!

We had a whirlwind Christmas break filled with many roadtrips, but also many family members!  We got to see A LOT of our family...not all, but a lot!  I'm sad for all those we didn't get to see, but this time of year is just nuts!  People are all over the place and it makes it kind of hard!

I took several more pics on my real camera (which I don't have right now because I'm at school...naptime!), so I'll just do the pics on my phone.  Also, we have a toddler right now who is anti-picture and REALLY anti-flash, so it was very difficult to get some good pics of him:)

The Sunday before Christmas we spent at my home church so we could see my parents perform in the Christmas contata:)  It was so much fun seeing everyone!  It was the first time a lot of them had seen my bump!

We spent the next few days finishing up wrapping and shopping and got everything done just in time!

We also got a sneak peak at our new baby!  "It" wasn't cooperating, though, so we didn't get to find out the sex, but we did see a great profile and a cute little foot!  Also, found out "it" was completely healthy which is such an answer to prayer!

We spent Christmas Eve making cookies (Santa requested Oatmeal Raisin)

Attending our church's Christmas Eve service (Boston and Lucas did so good)

And setting out our cookies and milk for Santa:)

The only pictures and video I got Christmas morning are on our video camera and real camera:)  I'll do a "Real Camera Edition" soon!!!

I did get a good pic of our Christmas morning breakfast! 

He had a blast opening presents at our apartment and the video is priceless.  We then headed to Mimi's (he didn't want any pics there) and we almost didn't get any of him and Boston in their matching jammies.  But after A LOT of convincing, we finally snapped one!

We had a great time in Pryor, then headed to Miami for lots of Christmas with Nick's family.  First at his mom's and then at his dad's:)  It was an absolute fight to get pics of him at either of their houses with my phone, so I don't have any right now.  I do have a great one of his loot when we got back to the apartment finally!  He had so much stuff and this doesn't even include it all!

We were so blessed this Christmas with family who loved us and a Savior who came to Earth for us:)  We had a great holiday season, but our break wasn't over yet!

I'll update more soon from our New Year's trip and our gender reveal!  I then have a big birthday to post about!  One of my many "New Year's Resolutions" is to keep up with this blog better, especially since I'll have two kids to write about:)