Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Month of Birthdays

January was full of fun events!  We had several birthday gatherings for Lucas and Cassie:)

The first was with all grandparents and some aunts, uncles and cousins (minus Aunt Megan, Uncle Bo, Uncle Josh, Aunt Jana, and Colt).  We were sad they couldn't join us, but we did have fun.  Our original plan was to eat at On the Border and go ice-skating.  With the Olympics coming soon, Cassie really wanted to go.  Everything was set...or so we thought.

I called the rink right before we left for On the Border and there was a hockey game that night that no one had told me about before:(  So, change of plans!  We had a great dinner and opening of presents at On the Border and then we headed to Andy B's.  It's a bowling alley, arcade, laser tag, go-kart place:)  It was a blast!  Lucas did great bowling and loved playing the arcade games.  Everyone got in on the arcade action and we pulled our tickets and Lucas had 1,400 to buy prizes with!  He got some fun stuff and some junk, but everyone had a great time:)  My mother-in-law made this awesome cake for Lucas. Aunt Megan had found the pan and it worked out perfectly!

Lucas loves Lightning McQueen!!!

Our next event was on his actual birthday.  I went into wake him up at exactly 6:48a...3 years old on the dot!

He got a birthday donut and another present:)

Then we went to eat at Rib Crib that night with his birthday buddy, Aunt Cassie, Uncle Cal, Boston, and Mimi!!

Then the adults (minus Mimi, our babysitter) went to see "Saving Mr. Banks".  It was a fun night;)

Our last event was the following Friday when we finally got to go ice-skating.  Lucas didn't last very long and I couldn't do it at all, but it was fun to watch:)  And we had fun in the stands!!

Lucas thought his birthday was never ending:)  It kind of was!  He got so many presents and we had a great time with all our family!

This little boy continues to bless our lives:)  He is so funny and talks all the time!  He's full of questions and becoming so smart.  He remembers everything and is very excited for his little sister to be here!  I can't believe how much has changed in his short 3 years, but I'm so proud of him.  He's just amazing to watch and I'm glad God has given me a front row seat to his life:)