Monday, September 27, 2010

23 Weeks

Dear Friends,

I want to start off by saying Nick has now felt Lucas move and I've now seen Lucas move! What an amazing miracle I'm witnessing. He moves a whole bunch after I eat chocolate (as I've mentioned before), but it's literally like 2 minutes after I take a small bite of chocolate. It's nuts! The kid is a chocaholic:) I don't mind, though, because anytime I want to feel him move, I just slip a mini Reeses Peanut Butter cup in my mouth, and he goes to town. Well, I did this the other night and lifted up my shirt and I watched my stomach move!It was like a little something jutting out. I couldn't tell what body part it was, but it was amazing!

Nick loves to lay his hand on my stomach while we're watching TV at night. It's so sweet to see their little relationship growing already. This week, Lucas can hear our voices and Jovie barking. And it says that if we talk to him a lot, he'll recognize our voices when he's born! How amazing is that?! So, we talk to him all the time, even though we feel a little silly! It's also so cute because he moves right when I wake up and before I go to sleep like he's saying "Good Morning, Mommy" and "Goodnight, Mommy". Oh, I just love him like crazy ALREADY!!!

Also, some sad news....I couldn't find a papaya anywhere this week! Nick and I searched three different towns for one for my belly pic and couldn't find one anywhere! So, they must not be in season, so you'll have to wait til later this week to get another picture! We'll just skip Week 22!

Another little progress on the nursery...we got rid of the old lady gold fan in there and put up a new one. We're painting this look at my Facebook album to see updated pictures! I love that it's starting to come together;)

Bye for now, but be sure to check out my beautiful cousin's blog to enter her giveaway! Caked

Friday, September 17, 2010

22 Weeks on Monday

I can't believe I'm more than half way through with this pregnancy! It has flown by, but then it seems like forever ago that we found out. Why does it always feel that way?

Not long after my last post, we found out it was a boy:) Lucas Rial Maxson will join us at the end of January. At least I hope, because his Uncle Cal and Aunt Cassie are getting married January 1st and I hope to be there!

Let me explain a little about his name. We've liked Lucas for a long time and there's been no contest as to what we would name our child if it was a boy. Rial is his middle name, which is my maiden name. This is sooo special. My daddy died when I was a senior in high school and he had no boys, just my sister and me. There are two boys on my dad's side to carry on the Rial last name, but none of them are Doug Rial's kids. I wanted him to have a piece of his Grandpa Doug with him forever. It's extra special now, too, because my dad's little brother died this summer, so now he's carrying on the name for him, as well. Oh, how those men would've loved my little Lucas!

He began to move right at 18 weeks and it's so exciting. He loves when I eat pasta (my kind of boy) and he loves when I sing, which is so sweet! I can't wait for his daddy to feel him move.

Speaking of his daddy, he is beyond thrilled that we're having a boy. It's what I wanted to, but there's just no relationship like the relationship between a father and son. Nick has so many plans for Lucas and I can't wait to see them all come to life.

My mom, Mimi, ordered his bedding last week and it came in and we put it on and it's so cute:) We are taking pictures of the progress of the room and I have a facebook photo album dedicated to this. I will make a blog about it when it's all done! We also registered last weekend and it was so fun. I can't wait for my showers to begin. I only have one scheduled so far and it's my school shower on December 9th. So fun!!!

I've talked your ears off now, so I'll just leave with you with my 19, 20, and 21 week pictures! Remember, whichever fruit it is, is because of the length. My baby at 20 weeks was not as big as a cantaloupe, it was the length of a cantaloupe.

Week 19! A cantaloupe:) On this day, just a few hours after this picture was taken, I found out it was a boy cantaloupe:)

Week 20! A large banana:)

Week 21! A spaghetti squash:)

Oh, and I'll leave you with our first little picture of Lucas! He's just so cute and I can't wait to kiss those lips!