Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Fun: Event 1

So, now that summer is winding down...I am taking this chance to recap all the wonderful things we've done over the past few months!!

The last day of school, Nick dropped off Lucas at Papa and Nana's, picked me up, and then we met up with my cousin Becky and her husband Dustin for a road trip to Galveston!!!  My oldest cousin was getting married on Sunday and we were going to spend the weekend celebrating her with my cousin Rachel and her husband Sean!

We headed off and stayed the night in Dallas!  We ate yummy Mexican food and spent the evening chatting and laughing:)  Such a great start to the trip!

Lucas started off great too:)  He loves smelling Nana's flowers (why he doesn't have pants on, I don't know?!)

We slept in and headed off for Houston!  We ate a good lunch, sat in traffic forever, went to Target, and then went to the Astros game!  My dad had a goal before he see every major league baseball stadium.  Well, Nick wants to carry on that tradition, so we go to as many baseball games as we can:)  Sadly, Becky got a migraine and had to go to the house, but Rachel, Sean, Nick and I had a great time at the game!!

Lucas also woke up to great breakfast at Nana's:)

After the game we drove down to Galveston to stay at the house Rachel and Sean rented us for the weekend:)  It was so cute!  Becky was feeling better by the time we got back, so we stayed up late again chatting and catching up!  It had been a long time since we were all together!  Too long!

On Sunday, Nick and I woke up early and strolled along the beach.  Down the street was the pier, but we were too hungry to walk all the way down there.  We stopped at a cute little restaurant instead and had breakfast:)

We then all got ready and headed to the beach!  It was awesome!  So nice to relax, read and get a little sun before the wedding:)  A little too much sun for some of us!

 Lucas also had a great evening at Grammy's house for the Buzzard reunion:)  Again, no pants!  Haha:)

**For some reason, it's fuzzy!  But of course he's playing cars!!!

We then headed back to the house and up to Houston for Maradee's wedding!  It was such a sweet wedding with great music, great food and a great couple!  We couldn't be happier for Maradee and Robert.  He's a great addition to our family:)

We woke up Memorial Day and headed home.  It was a short trip, but very sweet:)  We loved our time with cousins and new family!  We need to take a cousin trip every year!!!