Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food and 25 Weeks

Hello all,

I am now 25 weeks along and still having a very easy pregnancy. We went to the doctor at 24 weeks and everything is still going great. I'm measuring and weighing exactly what I should be at this point, so that's a huge blessing. My next appointment at 28 weeks will be my glucose/diabetes test. Yuck! Hopefully I'll pass:)

Lucas had the hiccups the other day and it was hilarious! My entire stomach jumped in constant intervals. Last night, Nick got to feel him with the hiccups. It's such a neat thing to bond over.

We've got the nursery painted and the rocker and we're starting to set some more dates for showers. My LG shower will be November 28th and my Miami church shower will be December 5th. I'm so excited for these:) What a blessing to be showered with gifts for my son who isn't even born yet! He is loved so much already:)

Week 23, he was the size of an ear of corn. We cut it in half and grilled it for dinner that week. It was so yummy.

Week 24 and 25, he's the size of an eggplant. This has been my favorite meal-to-date of the fruits and vegetables he's been the size of. We made eggplant parmesan with it.

Here's the picture of me with the eggplant. We matched the day I took this picture:) Forgive me if I look huge!

Here's the eggplant sliced and ready to make. Along with the egg mixture and the Italian seasoned bread crumbs.

Here's a picture of me with the spaghetti sauce. Get it! Prego:)

Here's the final meal! It was so yummy! You serve it over noodles with salad and bread (Oh, my salad dressing spilled. I don't usually use that much). It was delicious! We both cleaned our plates. Thanks, Lucas, for already introducing us to a new meal. We will definitely eat this again and again:)

This weekend was a little bit crazy or I would've updated then. Nick's 10-year reunion was this weekend. We had such a great time with all his friends. Most of them he still keeps up with, but it was hilarious to me to see people come in and he couldn't remember if they even graduated with him, let alone their names. We made a bet that I will remember more people that I graduated with. I hope I win:) It was so sad!

Friday night, the reunion festivities started with the Miami high school football game. It was homecoming, so it made it extra special. Saturday was a family picnic and the banquet dinner that evening. It was fun to hear old stories. So many times we talked about if we'd went to school together, whether in high school or college, if we would've dated. Do you think there's one perfect person out there for everyone? That remains unanswered...

During the weekend and the beginning of this week, I got a sinus infection. So, this turned into an improptu visit to my OB, which didn't bother me because I got to hear Lucas' heartbeat again! He prescribed me some medicine and I'm feeling much better. That's the first time I've been sick with this pregnancy and it wasn't even the pregnancy's fault.

Still have been very lucky and continue to be very blessed!!!!