Wednesday, October 17, 2012

20 Months

**I'm really behind on all my blog posts!  I haven't done Lucas' 20 month letter and now he's 21 months!!!  I have many posts ready, but I will not try to overwhelm you with pictures all at once:)  I'll try to separate them out a little bit! **

My dear sweet Lucas,

I can't believe you are 20 months!  A lot of changes have taken place in your life this month:)

You moved to a new home...Mimi and Poppy's!!!  They absolutely loved having you and you are having a blast with them too:)

You get to eat yummy snacks

You get to act really silly

And you get to play with their toys

**I don't know why some of these pictures are small?**

You also started a new sitter.  You love her and so do we:)  You color everyday, you play so hard, you learn so much!  You have learned to count to 10 and you know so many of your colors:)  It's amazing!  You are just talking so much!

You are still wearing the same size diapers and clothes, but I have a feeling that will change soon.  You are growing like a weed!  You still don't eat many vegetables, so we have started giving you veggie pouches and you love them.  You call them "applesauce"!  Haha:)

You are still sleeping great.  Ms. Kelly (your sitter) says you don't use your paci and you sleep on a mat.  I cannot imagine this!  I think at home you'd roll all over the place, but I guess since all the other kids sleep like that, so do you!  You're such a sweet angel!

Mommy's new school starts at 7:20a, so I have to get you up at 6a!  We leave the house at 6:15a and get home about 4:30p!  It makes for such a long day:(  You are taking it like a champ, though.  Sometimes dinner time is tricky.  You are hungry when we get home at 4:30p, but if we give you a snack at that time, you don't want to eat much dinner.  We need to figure something out.  Hopefully this won't last too much longer.  Uncle Callen and Aunt Cassie just moved into their house and they want us to move in.  We'll give them some time to get settled, then we'll head that way:)  It will be easier on you and you transition so well, I know it'll be good.

You still love Mickey Mouse, you still love your books, you still love your puzzles, and you still love playing outside.  We water flowers with Mimi every night and you run all over the yard!  You usually end up coming in with your clothes all wet:)  You love taking baths in Mimi and Poppy's special bathtub and you still love Mommy to sing to you at night.

Mommy and Daddy just love going on this journey with you.  I know it's a little crazy right now, but it won't last long!  We will find a home of our very own soon, little man.  This too shall pass.

Until then, we are living each day to it's fullest and eating you up!  You are a special little boy and we are so thankful for your little life.  We love you so much and are so proud of you.

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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