Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Great Potty Training Adventure

Spring Break 2013 was an important week in our family!  We started potty training.  Lucas turned 2 in January and he'd been talking about it for awhile, so we thought Spring Break would be a good time.  I had 9 days off of work so we could stay home and stay focused and get it done;)

Monday morning we set out his was just like Christmas!  Little Man is obsessed with "Cars" so everything was "Lightning"!  Underwear, pull ups and the potty itself!!

He was so excited!  He looked so cute:)  He even wore his Lightning jammies the night before, so he was all decked out in "Cars"!!!

We built it up really big talking about how he was a big boy and big boys use the potty and not diapers anymore!  He was excited:)  We went about every 15-20 minutes all morning long and every time he peed he got an M&M.  He loved it:)

We had to take his 2 year pictures that morning, so we did put a pull-up on for that because we were at a park for an hour with no restrooms!  Then when we got home, we put them right back on:)  He did awesome!  No accidents!!  We then went to Pryor that afternoon for the next few days and no accident all Monday!!!  He even pooped in the potty Monday evening:)

Tuesday morning he did great too:)  We went to see chicks at Orscheln's, got hot dogs at Sonic and dropped Daddy off at the golf course and no accidents!!  When we put him down for nap, we didn't know what to do?!  Should we put him in a pull-up?  Should we just let him go in his underwear so he'll start to hate it?  We decided to give him a pull-up and we decided we'd deal with that another time.  Maybe over the summer?!

Tuesday afternoon, when I went to pick up Nick from golf, Mimi watched Lucas and he had his first accident!  She said they were on their way to the potty when he couldn't hold it any longer!  Oh well, one accident in two days...not too bad!!!

Wednesday, we went to his first movie, out to eat and had a pretty busy day.  We put him in a pull-up for the movie, but the rest of the time, just one accident all day!  I was so excited, but I also knew that this 3-day potty training thing was officially "over" and he was still having accidents.  I started to get a little frustrated!  But, Nick reassured me it's not 3-days for everyone and we still have the rest of the week and he's doing great...

So, Thursday we had like 3 accidents.  It was rough day, but Friday we made a break through!  We went to Chick Fil-A with some friends.  I decided I would let him play and eat normally and we would just take potty breaks.  I knew we didn't stay home as much as we should've that week, but it was Spring Break and we didn't want to be cooped up.  So, I said to myself "If we can make it through Chick Fil-A with no accidents, I will say we are 'potty trained'".

So, we went to Chick Fil-A, pottied when we got there, pottied halfway through lunch, pottied halfway through play-time, and pottied before we left!  He did awesome!  He went every time and was just amazing:)  I was so excited!  I figured since we weren't at home and he still had no accidents, he wasn't wearing a pull-up and still had no accidents, and he played on the big toy and still had no accidents we could be pretty proud:)  It was such a great feeling!

Lucas and his friend Hudson playing after Chick Fil-A!

Now, it's almost the middle of June and we are still wearing pull-ups during nap and at night, but today was the first accident in probably 2 weeks!  So, I'm pretty happy about it.  I'm not sure what to do during nap and at night, so any tips would be helpful, but overall, I'm pretty pleased about the method we used and he looks so super cute in his undies:)

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Life and Times . . . said...

If he's waking up wet during naps and at night, I'd just give him more time. Some kids sleep so deeply that they don't wake up to pee. Once he's consistently waking up dry then switch to underwear. For some kiddos that's 2-3 years old, but for others it may be 5-6 years. Accidentally wetting while sleeping is a whole different thing than not being trained.

And there's some advice from a complete stranger who has been through the exact same thing. ;)