Sunday, January 4, 2015

Seven Months: A Letter

December 28, 2014

My sweet Molly,

Wow!  What a crazy, busy month it's been!  I can't believe this year is already almost over!  You had such a busy December experiencing new things and seeing new things and it was so fun to experience them all with you:)

You had a lot of firsts this month!!!  You met some of Daddy's cousins and their babies for the first time, met Santa for the first time, saw lights at Rhema for the first time, rode the Christmas train for the first time, attended our church's Christmas Eve service for the first time, and opened presents for the first time!

We've carted you all over during this holiday season and you've just been so flexible and easy-going.  You have adapted and slept great in every different bed and pack 'n play and just kept the best schedule.

You're trying to get your first tooth to pop in and you haven't been fussy at all, but you sure have liked your sleep:)  We've had to wake you up every morning and after every nap to keep you on a good schedule.  Even when we do this, you just roll over and give us the biggest smile and start kicking your legs:)

Your typical schedule (over this holiday break) has been like this:
- We wake you at 7:30 for 3oz of oatmeal with banana and 1oz bottle
- Play and go down for a nap around 9-9:15
- We wake you at 11:30 for a 7oz bottle
- Play and go down for a nap around 1-1:15
- We wake you at 3:30 for another 7oz bottle
- Play and eat a veggie (we are introducing fruits this week) at 5:30 and eat 5-6oz bottle
- Get ready for bed and eat another 4-5 oz before going to bed at 7:30

You don't take much to go to sleep...just your sleep sack and your paci.  You rarely go to sleep on us (when you do, we just melt) and you are getting really good at putting your paci in yourself.

Your playtime mainly consists of rolling all over the floor until you get stuck and mad and we need to come rescue you:)  But every once in a while, you will push up on your hands and pull your knees under you and try to scoot.  You mainly go backwards, but you'll get the hang of it.  You love to kick and bounce, especially when we sing "Ride a little horsey, go to town...".  You also are great at sitting up and chewing on everything!

You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but you can wear some of your 6-9 month too.  You are wearing size 3 diapers, but your little shoes are still 0-3 month.  You have the tiniest feet and the tiniest toes.  I want to remember those;)  I also want to remember how you play with your hair (especially when you're eating), how you smile so big but no sound comes out, how interested you are getting in our food, how you are starting to give kisses, how you try to roll all over when you're on your changing table, and how easy Daddy can make you laugh.

Brother still thinks you're amazing and so do we:)  You are so happy-go-lucky and you have the sweetest disposition.  We are so thankful for you; our greatest gift this year!

We love you so much,
Mama and Daddy

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