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Nine Months: A Letter

February 28, 2014

Dear Sweet Molly,

I can't believe you are nine months old!  You have officially been out of my belly as long as you were in.  You are 3/4 of a year old and this year is just flying by!

You had another exciting month!  We started this month going to Grandpa Doug's wrestling tournament!  It was your first trip and everyone just loved seeing you:)  We go every year to honor him and a lot of our family was there too!  We always take a picture of your brother on the 1st place podium and this year we got one of the two of you;)  Oh, how he would've loved you!  He had a special place in his heart for little girls:)

You also started to scoot that weekend.  Your great-grandpa Dennis says that the best way to teach babies to crawl is to use keys:)  It worked!  Uncle Callen jingled his keys and you took off after them!  You look like a little inch bug when you crawl, so I guess it's not technically "crawling", but you get where you want to go and you get there fast!  

You also experienced your first little stomach bug:(  You threw up a few times and wouldn't drink your bottle, but we got you to drink some Pedialyte out of your sippy cup and you did great!  We laid you down on the floor (which is how we taught your brother) and you did really well:)  It didn't last long, thank goodness and you bounced back, but then you got your second double ear infection.  You started coughing and your cough was pretty deep, so we took you in and that's what it was.  You'd think we'd start to figure these things out by now.  

Your second tooth appeared the very next day (on top!) and it's so cute:)  You'd been so drooly.  We can start to see it when you smile now.  I miss your little gummy grin, though! 

We celebrated Valentine's Day at Shogun.  We go there every year with the Rials to celebrate your cousin Megan's birthday!  You looked so cute and you even got to exchange Valentine cards with your friends at Mrs. Kelly's:)

Another big thing this month was your clapping!  We had been working on this for awhile, but you would just stare at us like we were crazy and you refused to even move your arms.  But then one day when you were in your highchair, I started clapping and so did you!  It was so exciting;)  Lucas was watching you and cheering you on and he was so happy for you!  It's so cute when you clap; because every time you clap, you look at your hands like you can't believe they just made that sound.  I love it and want to remember this:)

You also got to experience your first big snow.  It had dusted a few times, but it snowed a lot and we took you out to feel and see it:)  You don't have any gloves or very good clothes, so we didn't keep you out for long and your mix of clothes we put on you looked so silly, but you didn't seem to mind!

You are still sleeping so good at night and one thing that's changed a little this month is you falling asleep on us.  We absolutely love this and capture it whenever we can!  I don't know if it's because of your little stomach bug or your ear infections, but when we get you in the right position, you snuggle up and start snoozing;)  It's the sweetest!

You are now eating bits of real food far you've tried spaghetti noodles with no sauce, cheese, green beans, corn, pancakes, waffles, bagels, baked potato, and any kind of bread.  You also love yogurt melts and anything that's banana-flavored; banana yogurt, banana puffs and banana yogurt melts!  I think we are going to move you to Level 2 fruits and some foods with meat in them.  You devour your supper, so I think we need to bump it up a little.  You are really good at pinching foods and you have loved everything you've tried:)  Maybe you won't be as picky as your brother!  One thing you do that your brother never did is put your hands in your hair when you're doing eating, which results in some very nasty hair!  I hope this stops before your hair gets too long.

You love giving high 5s, especially to daddy, say "dadadadada" and you still laugh at everything your brother does.  Now that you can move around more, he's starting to interact with you more and it's so fun to watch:)  Your relationship is my favorite and I cannot wait to see it unfold!  

We are so looking forward to this coming spring!  You are going to love being outside more, going to Daddy's baseball games, meeting some new family over Spring Break, and experiencing some more fun holidays:)  You are growing so fast and it's so fun to watch your little personality break through!  

We love you so much and are just so blessed to be your parents:)  We pray for your little heart that it would come to know Jesus and love your family!  

Mama and Daddy

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