Thursday, June 11, 2015

Twelve Months: A Letter

May 28, 2015

Dear sweet Molly,

You are one year old!  I can't believe it:)  That seems so little, but you also seem so big to me.  I remember bringing you home from the hospital that day and thinking our lives would forever be different and my goodness, they are!  You bring so much life and energy into our home and we absolutely love it…and you:)

You are now the cruising queen!  You move all over the place with ease and you barely hold on sometimes.  You let go with both hands and lean into furniture sometimes to eat a snack or drink your  milk, but you immediately sit down if you let go completely.  You are just not ready to step out on your own yet and that's okay.  Brother was a late walker (14 months) and I imagine you'll follow in his path. However, I think you might be the kind to just take off one day…no first few steps…just start walking full-blown!  We'll see; you always surprise us!

You got your fourth tooth on the bottom, so you've been eating everything we eat!  You love anything we give you and you will eat until we stop feeding.  You get so messy!  You love to rub your hands in your hair and smear everything on the tray, but you love to eat and you're not picky so I'm happy about that!  You also transitioned so easily to cow's milk!  We actually think you love it more than formula.  You drink it so good!  It took you what seemed like forever to figure out how to tip your cup, but you eventually learned and haven't looked back.  You haven't mastered a straw yet, but that's alright.  You don't have a typical schedule for your drinking, you just drink all day!  We fill your cup in the morning and it's pretty much gone once breakfast is over.  I fill it up again and you drink til your morning nap (which is typically 1-2 hours) and you drink more when you wake up.  You drink during lunch and until your afternoon nap (which is typically 1-1.5 hours) and you keep drinking through the evening, through dinner, and more before you go to bed!  You love that milk:)

You are all over the place and we really have to watch you…you love getting into things you shouldn't be getting into!  You put anything and everything in your mouth (most recently Jovie's food and poop, legos, money, and kleenex).  When we spank your little hand, you slap the tray or the table or the floor just to show your frustration.  You definitely keep us on our toes!

You had an appointment with the ENT this month and they did a hearing test and decided you were a great candidate for tubes.  You couldn't hear some sounds on your left side and they said there was fluid in your ears.  We made the appointment for May 19 and you did absolutely awesome!

When they got in there, they said you were just days away from having another ear infection and you had a lot of fluid, they said you probably have had a constant ear ache:(  So glad we got this taken care of now!  As soon as we got home, you started talking…pointing to things and saying "this, this" and you started saying "daddy" and "mama" a lot more.  You started reacting to sounds and you were just a lot more aware of everything!  It was amazing to witness…just that first day!  You now say "outside" and "doggy" and "dudas" for Lucas:)

We ended the week of your surgery with a low and a high!  The low was that we had (we thought) some issues with your bowel movements.  It scared us really bad for about 18 hours before we finally got you into the doctor and he reassured us you were fine and it was just a result of your surgery and the medication you had.

The high was your birthday party!  It was so much fun…everything I had hoped for:)  Almost all our family was able to come and our friends too and the weather held off and you did perfect!  I'll have to do another post just about it!  It was so fun:)

The week leading up to your birthday was my last week of school and you came with me 3 of those days!  You just went from teacher to teacher all over different classrooms and you had a blast:)  They loved seeing you and Lucas and I loved having you with me!  We celebrated your birthday with a picnic in my classroom with my students and their parents for the last day of school!  Then we gave you a cupcake after dinner with a candle:)  You had so much fun smashing it!

The next day Daddy took you to the doctor and you got 3 shots (which he said you cried really hard for about 10 seconds) and you weighed 19.6 lbs (26%) and you were 30.5 in long (90%)!   I couldn't believe it…to me you look short and chubby but according to your measurements you're long and skinny:)  Oh well, you are perfect and we just couldn't be happier with the little lady you are becoming!

You are funny, silly, a little bit of a stinker, cuddly (when you want to be), and happy!  You hardly ever cry and get upset and you just go with the flow!  We love this about you:)

We just love you, Molly Ann!

Mama and Daddy


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