Monday, November 16, 2009

Reason for Delay

I don't know what happened to my week or weekend, except to say I had to do this!

This is for my college class. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm taking Children's Literature for my alternative certification. One of our assignments was to come up with a poem (we didn't have to write it), decorate a poster board like we'd decorate a bulletin board in our classroom, and teach our fellow students the poem like we would teach our class. We also had to come up with an activity to do with our fellow students that we'd do with our class to help them remember the poem, or learn it's concept, etc. I know that was a long run-on sentence!

I chose the poem, "Gray Squirrel, Gray Squirrel". Here's the poster board I made.

It says,
"Gray squirrel, Gray squirrel
Doesn't make a sound
As he buries acorns
Underneath the ground.

Later when it's cold out,
And food cannot be found
The gray squirrel will dig
His acorns from the ground."

So, I had motions to teach to my class and I also decided we'd make dough"nuts" for our project. They're supposed to look like acorns. You buy doughnut holes, peanut butter, chocolate iciing, toffee bits, and pretzel sticks.

This is what they look like. Aren't they cute?

I was so happy with the way they turned out. I couldn't wait to show everyone in my class tonight!

So, I headed for class early so I could make sure I carried everything up there in time, and guess what! My class was cancelled:( I was so upset! I worked so hard on their dough"nuts" and now I couldn't even present. So sad:(

I ended up taking the pretzel sticks out and freezing them, so we'll see how they turn out. If they don't, I'll be sad. I just wish I would've known we weren't going to have class. I would've waited to make them.

Oh well. Good lesson for Pre-K teachers...gotta be flexible:)


Whitney said...

Did they work when you had class again??

Whitney said...

PS - they are ADORABLE.