Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day

My first day of school 2010 has officially come and gone. It was a breeze. Last year was terrible. I cried all the way home and cried some more when I got here. However, I didn't shed one tear today:)

I said I would post pictures of my classroom yesterday, but since I didn't get my class list until Monday evening and we had Open House Monday evening, I didn't get everything ready until yesterday. Then, as I was about to take pictures, my camera battery died. So, I took them this morning before the kids got there.

I went with frogs this year. I always have a theme:)

This is on my front door:) It says "Hop Into Pre-K". Clever, I know! All my students' names are on the dragonflies or worms.

This is the view of my classroom as you walk in the door.

As you turn left after you walk in, you see the cubbies. I decorated this bulletin board "Froggy Friends". I love these cubbies. I was able to order them last year and they came with a place for all their folders at the top. I also have my box of Kleenex and hand sanitizer. Can't get swine flu and strep throat this year;)

Next, is my "Hoppy Helpers" where I assign their "jobs" everyday. Jobs like: line leader, door holder, turn lights off/on, pass out snacks, clean tables, pass out folders, calendar helper, and change the "where are we?" sign on the door.

This next spot is my calendar section. I have a book shelf with music instruments on top. My birthday cakes, calendar and CD player. This is where we meet every morning and I do all my teaching here. We read stories, learn letters, numbers, etc.

Here is an upclose picture of the birthday cakes and calendar area.

This is new this year. It's called "Dress the Frog for the Weather". It's so cute:) He comes with all sorts of different clothes. He has items for rainy days, items for fall, and winter. It's awesome and the kids will love it.

This is a picture of our toy area. Blocks, puzzles, puppets, cash register and money, Mr. Potato Heads, dinosaurs, dolls, kitchen items, and a dress up area are all over here.

Last, but not least, is my tables, teacher desk, and storage area. Today, I had puzzles set up on the tables. This changes everyday. It's set up for when they first get here, because that's usually not at the same time. I pick up kids from the gym at 8:05a. Then, there are those that are still eating breakfast in the cafeteria at that time, or those brought by the parents a little later. They are not tardy until 8:15a. HOWEVER, on the first day of school, kids are dropped off in my room at about 7:45a. It's a little hectic, but I had no criers today, so it was just fine:)

So, there you have it. A little tour of my Pre-K classroom. It's a lot of fun, but stressful at times, too. It's going to be even crazier this year b/c my aid is pregnant, as well. She's due at the end of September. She'll come back in October or November, then I leave her in January for a few months. It will be nuts, but so much fun:) I can't wait for both of our babies to be here.

So, this is where I spend the majority of my day from now until May. I love it and I couldn't ask for a better job!

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Whitney said...

That looks awesome, Audie! And I love the pink chairs! Wowza! :) You are such a good little teach. I just know it! :)