Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This has been my life the past few days. Lucas woke up Saturday night sneezing and snorting:( It was so sad. He slept more than usual Sunday and didn't eat as much as usual. He woke up a few times Sunday night, but slept for almost 12 hours! I had to wake him up to eat at 8:30a! So not normal for him.

Isn't it weird how I already know what's normal and not for him?

Anyway, Nick told me to call the doctor, just in case, so we headed there yesterday morning. He rulled out ear infection, chest cold, and a fever. He said, unforunately all I can do for him is give hikm the saline drops and use the snot sucker. He absolutely hates it! It's the most awful cry when I start to go for his nose:( It's such a different cry...not like his hungry cry or pick-me-up cry...it's a cry like he's really in pain and his feelings are really hurt and he can't believe I would do that to him! It breaks your heart.

He slept all day yesterday on my chest or propped up in his boppy. As soon as we laid him down in his crib last night for bed, he started snorting again and just couldn't get comfortable. We went in there every 1-2 hours last night. He usually sleeps 5-6 hours at a time during the night:(

Now, when we went to check on him, every time he was in a different position than when we had left him. He just can't breathe and can't relax, but tell me if this is normal. One time, he had done a 180; his feet were where his head had been and his head was where his feed had been! What?! He's already so strong and mobile, but I never pictured this! It's crazy!

Anyway, he hasn't really slept today since I finally went and got him at 6:15a. Nick and I finally decided to try and put his boppy in his crib so he could be propped up. I put him in there at 11:45a and he hasn't made a sound! It's now 12:40p. This is just about the longest stretch he's gone without starting to cry. So glad we found something that works.

This picture is right before he ate a little before his nap. He's just too sweet! And the man just loves giraffes! He stares only at the giraffe on his play mat, only at the giraffe on his swing, and only at the giraffe hanging from his carseat. We had to get him a stuffed one that will hopefully be his forever friend:) Geoffrey!!!

Oh, how I love him. I hate him being sick. I don't even care that I'm not getting sleep or anything done. He is my life right now and I don't want him to not feel well or be hurting. It's just awful. Pray that he will feel better soon and be back to his normal self.

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