Friday, May 6, 2011

Made Just for Him

I realize I never posted pictures of Lucas' nursery on here! Better late than never, right?

Before I knew I was having a boy, I looked for boy bedding! I knew I wanted something "sporty", but not "cutesy". I knew I wanted masculine colors, but not to be too bright or too "grown-up". It was hard to find just the right balance. I finally stumbled upon "Cooperstown" on and it was just perfect:)

The day after my ultrasound revealed that I was having a boy and we knew Lucas was arriving, my mom bought the bedding! It was such a sweet gift and was the jumping off point to his whole nursery! We had so much fun getting a new fan, painting, getting new carpet, and buying the furniture and decor that would be his place of refuge for the first two years; the first bed that he slept in, where I held him and we both cried the first day home, where we see lots of smiles, where we unpacked clothes and gifts and wrote thank you cards to friends and family, where we became parents!

Here's the room when you first walk in the door (I'm so mad I didn't have the curtains tied back for this first picture)

A close-up of the curtains and changing table (Lucas' favorite spot in his room right now!)

The "lockers" to the left of the changing table (made by my step-dad: Poppy)

A close-up (this frame is now filled with a picture of the three of us)

A close-up of the lockers on the right (The white teddy bear is the first present I received from my daddy; the bear was mine when I was little; the frog was made by my Grandma Marguerite)

And Grandpa Doug would be so proud that this picture of Troy Aikman now resides in his first grandbaby's room

The crib (my dear friend Erin painted the letters)

The mobile (he absolutely loves this; when he wakes up in the morning, he doesn't cry anymore; he just watches this)

The dresser

The rocking chair (my wonderful cousin Becky painted the initials and the baseballs)

The closet (my wonderful Aunt Terri and cousin Rachel bought the cubbies; they're wonderful!)

Lots of our families helped us with this nursery and we appreciate every single one of you! We couldn't be more happier with it and it's inhabitant:)


Erin said...

It's adorable! Suits him perfectly. :)

one of nettie's girls said...

So cute. I love the picture of him in the rocker.

Cari said...

Audra! I love the Troy Aikman picture! I can still see it in your house in Pryor!! What a sweet touch to add to Lucas' nursery!

Simply Smith said...

What a CUTE nursery!!! I love the baseball stitches on the wall, and all the special touches!


heathergibson said...

LOVE HIS NURSERY! Before we found out I am having a girl, I wanted a "general sports" themed nursery (if it was a boy of course). It's perfect!!