Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Weekend

I'm so far behind! I have so many blog posts up my sleeve, but I'm working on a huge project for Mother's Day for my mom (Mimi) and Nick's mom (Grammy), so I'll post as often as I can until then!

Easter was so fun this year:) It's like I get to relive all these holidays all over with a child! My mom gets us Easter baskets, but it's so fun to buy them for a child. It'll be even more fun as he gets older to pick out the goodies (and eventually candy) that he likes and to hide eggs:) Oh, I can't wait, but this year was wonderful, too!

I posted the picture of him with the paint...

Well, here's what it was for! His Easter present for his grandparents:) A card and a picture of him!

We turned his handprint into a chick:)

The Easter picture of him is in the frame and he has a chick at his feet:) All the grandparents absolutely loved that he hand-made them something. So special!

Here he is on Easter Sunday still asleep in his carseat. We sat Jovie next to him. My two babies:)

Here's Lucas and Mommy!

Lucas and Mommy with cousins Mallory and Heidi:)

Our Little Family of Three:)

His first look at his Easter basket! I think I was more excited than him! Silly me, I didn't get a picture of his Easter basket:( He had a children's Bible, a "Jesus Loves Me" sing-a-long book, a book called "The Easter Egg", a CD, an outfit, and a cute duckie:)

The three ladies:) Cassie and I always coordinate on Easter. Well, we didn't try this year, but we kind do with the blues, anyway!

It was such a fun holiday and it will be amazing when he can fully understand what this holiday represents. Our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, coming to earth to die for our sins and raising up, conquering death once and for all! I can't wait to experience many more holidays with him!

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