Thursday, June 9, 2011

May Wrap-Up: Part II

Memorial Day!!!

For the past 4 years, I've spent every Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend at my mother-in-law's house for the Buzzard reunion:) Yep, her maiden name was Buzzard!

There's always a lot of great food, relaxing in her beautiful backyard, lots of laughs, and always the game "Battle of the Sexes". Women have lost every year, which means the men always get their food first and the women always have to clean up!

As a teacher, when school is out, it's the unofficial start of summer. However, Memorial Day is that time for me. It's the time of new beginnings and the unexpectedness of what lies ahead. Five years ago, I had just met Nick and we spent Memorial Day weekend moving me into my apartment in Arkansas. A fresh start and the excitement of falling in love over the summer.

Last year, we invited my parents to Judy's for Memorial Day and we announced that we were pregnant! The beginning of extreme tiredness and the planning of a new life! Wow!!!

From this last year:

To this (Aunt Cassie wasn't there this year):

What a difference a year makes! This year, we get the excitement of what Lucas will learn and how he will grow and change over the summer! The excitement of rolling over (which he accomplished last week) and the start of baby food (green beans) and eventually sitting up:) Oh, how I wish this summer could last forever. I thought it was hard going back in March, it will be that much harder going back in August! He was just a newborn who slept a lot in he's a little boy who smiles and giggles and talks and kicks and rolls over...He knows me and recognizes me now! What am I going to do when summer is over?

Well, we won't think about that:( I'll just enjoy this time of newness and adventure. I'll make every day count and every moment last!

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Erin said...

I just love the way you told everyone you were PG--so cute to get their reactions on camera! Glad you are enjoying your time off with your little man.