Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seven Months

Wow, Little Man,

Only one measly little post between your monthly letters! It seems things will never slow down and that goes for you, too!

You are growing and changing so much! We had to go to the doctor this month for a bad fever and a chest x-ray and they said you'd already gained a pound!! You are officially in 6-9/6-12 months clothes now and you look like such a big boy:)

I absolutely hated when you were sick:( It was the MOST awful thing in the world. We went to Mimi's that weekend and I just cried and I cried because I felt so helpless. I love you unconditionally and it hurt me that you were sick and we didn't know why:(

One reason might have been that you were officially teething! Just a few days later, we noticed two little teeth on the bottom of your mouth:) They are so cute and are coming in more each day! We still haven't gotten a good picture of them since you're always feeling them with your tongue! They must feel so strange:) You are drinking juice from a cup now and you love it when it's cold! I bet it feels great on those little gums!

You started going to sleep an hour earlier (at 7:30a) and waking up at 7:30-8a. Since school has started now, we've had to wake you up at 6:45a and you are not happy! You helped me so much getting my classroom ready, though. You were a trooper! You just played on the carpet and slept when you needed to:) Even with my lights on and me working away. You're so easy-going. We know we are very lucky!

Two new things that happened this month: your first boo boo and your first haircut! I'll show your boo boo first because it shows how long your hair was:) You have a few toys that you sit on the ground and play with, but Daddy thought they were too low to the ground, so he built you a little stool to set them on. You were sitting on the floor and you fell over and bumped your forehead on the stool! It was so sad. You cried so hard:( It was barely noticable, but it was the day before we had your 6-month pictures taken, so we'll forever remember it:)

You are officially rolling over both ways now and this morning I actually had to tell you "no" and move some cords away from the TV stand! I can't believe you got yourself all the way over there! Daddy would've been so proud. He's been awful busy this month, too. He started softball and you got to watch your first game! It's so hot outside, but I tried to keep you shaded and cool. You must've been pretty comfortable because you actually fell asleep:)

You're still not crawling yet, but we're not rushing you:) We are tring to get you to like your belly a little more, though, so we bought you a Farm Roller. It's supposed to help you crawl. You take your time, though; we'll wait! Daddy thinks you'll walk before you crawl:) You go right ahead! You've always done things in your own time, but you keep us on our toes that way! We can't imagine this crazy, busy life without you in it. You've fit right in and gone with the flow and we couldn't be more blessed!

We love you, baby!

Mommy and Daddy

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