Thursday, September 1, 2011

Giveaway and Going Away

Before I start, please go see my beautiful friend's Giveaway! It looks pretty amazing!

Okay, even before I was pregnant I wished to be a Stay-at-Home-Mommy someday:) Oh, to spend your days with your children; playing, learning, and soaking up the love! Doesn't it sound wonderful? But that's not what life's like for a lot of us. We have to have insurance and we have to have jobs to have insurance. We have to make a house payment, hospital bills, and two car payments and we have to have jobs to do those things. I am really sad about this. I know Nick is too. He absolutely loves his teaching/coaching job, but unfortunately teachers do not get paid what they should. We make other jobs possible, but we are pretty low on the salary food-chain. So, I must work.

So, my child must be in some sort of day care. I found a lady when I was pregnant who lived in my town, had just a few other babies, and watched them inside her home. The pay was right and we were good to go. I couldn't have been happier. I walk in after school and Lucas is on her or her husband's lap having a good ol' time! He naps great, eats great, etc. Life is good.

Then, Tuesday night, this lovely lady called me and said she'd taken a job outside the home. What in the world? Who will take care of him like you do? There aren't many people who will keep babies inside their home and not treat it like a "day care". Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not my first choice.

**Well, my first choice is to stay home with him and not have to make a choice at all! But, that's not what the Lord wants right now. So, I deal...

Back to my story. I call around to the few ladies I know and they have no openings for babies. Babies are hard work, I know this. It's hard to find someone that has the time and energy to watch babies and older ones too. So, I go to a day care. A wonderful day care not far from my job where some other teacher's children go to. The ladies are so sweet, but it's an actual day care. The babies are in one room, the 2-3 yr olds are in another, there are centers, it's not just some sweet lady in her home "babysitting". But, that's what I needed to do.

Until last night! There's a lady in our church that has an in-home "day care" just like my previous lady. I've wanted to send Lucas to her from the start, but she normally doesn't take babies. Like I said before; babies are hard. I know this. I understand. However, she knows that although I don't get paid well, I have fantastic hours! 8-3 M-F, summers off, a big Christmas break, a big Thanksgiving, Fall Break, Spring Break, etc...So, she will make an exception! She's cheaper than my other sweet lady and she lives just a few blocks away!

Does the Lord answer prayers or what?????

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Waiting for Bulgaria said...

I wish I could stay home too, but I can't. Since I also teach school, I do have the benefit of the breaks. My son stayed with a babysitter until he was around 10 months, and then I put him in daycare for the social interaction. There were no other kids at our babysitter's. Plus our daycare was small, and the teachers were so sweet. Just this past summer he started a new preschool two days a week(he didn't want to stay home everyday) and went full time once school started. I said all that to say this: I know it's hard. I used to worry so much. It's not my first choice either, but my son is almost four and is so well adjusted. He loves school, and he loves home. He has friends and is always learning new things. I'm glad your sweet boy has a good place to go. And hang in there. It'll be Christmas before you know it.