Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brightening Up

I have been thinking about redoing my living room for awhile now.

Right before Nick and I got married, we purchased living room furniture. A matching coffee table and end tables. We thought we were all modern:) It is very pretty furniture: glass top, curved legs, a little stainless steel...but enough!

We want something brighter and safer for a little boy that looks more interested in pulling up every day. They stay dirty no matter how much I clean them and we're just sick of it! I bought some new couch pillows in July and they started the whole revamp! I then bought some new things for my mantle and repainted my mantle. It was dark wood; now it is creamy white! I bought new lamps and a storage ottoman that I'm having re-upholstered! I have an antique end table that I'm repainting the same creamy white of the mantle, but I need one more end table! I'm looking at different antique places, but I haven't found one that strikes me, yet! I want to have it done by this weekend. I'm just one of those that wants to finish a project, as soon as I start it! This is driving me crazy to have different parts done at different times! I pick up the ottoman today and I'm painting the one end table today!

As soon as I find another end table and get it repainted, I'll post pictures!

This post was kind of pointless, but I'm just having fun redecorating and it makes me feel like Sarah Richardson! HGTV anyone? I love "Design Inc" and "Sarah 101".

She inspires me!

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