Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We spent Saturday evening with my mommy, Lucas' Mimi:)

Tim grilled steaks, chicken and sausage.  He also made corn, macaroni and cheese, homemade crescent rolls, a homemade strawberry pie, and a homemade chocolate pie:)  My mom had made picnic potatoes and an incredible salad!  Oh my goodness, we could've eaten for a week!!  It was all delicious.  We spent the evening outside (since this is Lucas' favorite place in the world right now).  It was wonderful!  We ended the evening with a game of Shanghai Rummy!!

Sunday, we went to our church and I had nursery.  We then had brunch at Nick's dad and step-mom's:)  It was delicious.  We ate outside and the weather was beautiful.  Lucas even tried out the pool and his new life jacket!

Then we headed home for naps, then to Joplin with Nick's mom and step-dad for dinner at my favorite restaurant...Olive Garden!!!  It was heavenly.  Lucas loved being outside as we waited and he even knows how to smell the flowers.  It was so cute!

Lucas loved the breadsticks, we shared ravioli, and he even ate an onion from my salad!  I couldn't believe it!

After dinner, my boys and I went shopping and got some flowers for our home.  When we got home, Lucas and Nick gave me my gifts:)

Lucas got me these flowers!
And Nick got me some Sperrys!

It was a wonderful weekend spent with all our mommys and the wonderful little man who made me one!!!

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