Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year in Review

January - We celebrated Lucas' first birthday

February - A trip to Memphis to see Nick's brother Josh, his wife Jana, and Lucas' cousin Colt

March - Lucas started walking

April - I started my wonderful friendship with Mika while walking the streets of our neighborhood

May - Another great Memorial Day weekend with ALL our family:)

June - Trip to Dallas for our 4th anniversary

July - Accepted new jobs and a trip to Florida

August - Packed up and moved to Pryor with my mom and started new jobs and a wonderful Bible study at LGFWB

September - Packed up and moved to Broken Arrow with Cassie and Callen

October - Found out Cassie and Callen were pregnant

November - A new church, a birthday and another time to be thankful

December - Work parties, Sunday school parties, new Christmas Eve traditions and a wonderful break

This year has been crazy, to say the least!  So much has changed, but through it all God taught us patience and taught us that His plan is always perfect, even if it's not what we think it should be.  We have learned to rely on Him and trust His hand.

This New Year will bring another home for us, a new season with a new baseball team, a 2-year old who will transition into a big boy bed and potty train, a new addition to the Balmos family, and so much more!  I'm excited for all this:)

I know no matter what that the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want.  He will provide for me and mine and I'm so grateful for the loved ones in my life and the opportunities I have to show Him throughout it all.

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