Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2-year Letter

Dear Lucas,

I can't believe you are a 2-year old toddler!!!  It's amazing how fast these two years have gone.  It's sad, but so fun at the same time.  I can't explain it:)

You are talking and learning at lightning speed!  You talk all the time and ask all kinds of questions.  Some of them you ask over and over again, but I don't mind:)  Your little voice is so sweet and soft and it's even better than I could've ever imagined!  This last month of your first year was so busy!  We had Christmas events, New Years, a move into an apartment, and a birthday party!  

I'm using this letter to show everyone your birthday theme. Since we had only been at the apartment for a week when we threw the party, I knew it had to be simple.  I chose Dr. Seuss for your 1st party and I wanted to stick with the book theme, so I chose the "If You Give A..." books.  You are obsessed with them!  You read them to us:)  It's so sweet.  All we have to do is give you the first few words of the page, and you do the rest!  It's amazing.  What a child can do when their parents just read to them.  You are picking up reading faster than some of my kindergartners!!

Also, since we've moved, you've transitioned into a full-size bed!  We didn't want to pack up and rebuild the crib at the apartment when we knew you'd transition in the next few months anyway, so we just did it:)  You've made it an easy move!  You've slept through the night every night (with the exception of your night terrors that happened even in your crib) and you don't get up at all!  A few times at nap time, you've gotten out at the end and knocked on your door to let us know you were awake, but that's it:)  I'm so happy that it's gone so well.  It's much easier on Mama's back to put you in the bed! Mimi got you special sheets and stuff for your bathroom to match and Mama and Daddy got you a new comforter for your birthday!  It's been super fun and you love it!

You've also pooped in the potty 4 times since we moved!  This is so exciting:)  It hasn't been consistent, but it's a step in the right direction.  We know it's going to be hard and there have been times that you've told us you needed to and you haven't, then there's been times that you haven't told us and pooped in your diaper.  It's been frustrating, but we want to make this transition smooth too.  So, we haven't pushed you.  We want to really tackle it over Spring Break where we have a week off to be home with you.  We'll see how it works:)

We had your 2-year check-up with your new pediatrician (which we love!) and you are doing great.  You are only 12% for weight and 40% for height, but he said you look wonderful!  He said if you are eating well and seem to have plenty of energy, then not to worry about it.  You do eat great (most of the time) and you are a ball of energy (all the time), so we aren't worried:)  You are growing and we can tell.  You are in 2T shirts and 18-24 month pants.  You have a long torso just like Mama, so some of the 2T shirts after being dried are too short on you.  It's the same problem Mama has:)

You still absolutely love Mickey Mouse and you still absolutely love Lightning McQueen!  You want to watch them all the time or play with two of your new Christmas presents.  You got a Lightning McQueen wooden track with a wooden Lightning, a wooden Mater, and a wooden Sheriff.  You love taking it apart and rebuilding it more than anything else:)  You also got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with all the characters and you love putting them up the "heligator" (elevator) and putting them down the slide!  You also got lots of sticker books that you love:)  You got one book that is reusable (like window clings) and you put them in their scenes and take them off and rearrange them constantly!!

You miss hanging out with Uncle Cal and Aunt Cassie everyday, but we try to make it a point to see them at least once a week besides church.  Speaking of church, you are doing a really great job in nursery and you are getting ready to transition to the 2-year class!  We are loving church too and we love the friends you are making:)  You can sing "Jesus Loves Me" all by yourself and
"The B-I-B-L-E"!  It's so cute:)  You have the sweetest singing voice!

You are just the best thing that's ever happened to us and we ask ourselves everyday how we got so lucky!  We are so proud of all the things you accomplished over the past year.  You have a gentle spirit and we know God is going to do great things with you and your life!  We can't wait to be there to witness it all!

We can't wait to see what the next year brings.  We don't want to wish it away, but we love all the new steps you take:)  We just love you so much!  

All our love,
Mama and Daddy


one of nettie's girls said...

The party theme was great! What a clever idea! I enjoyed reading all about Lucas and his milestones. He is a sweetheart!

Erin said...

Such a cute party...and such a cute TWO YEAR OLD!! When did THAT happen?!?