Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Pick Door #1

Nick and I moved into our home on Labor Day 2008. We'd been married about 2 1/2 months and I'd been working about 3 weeks. It was a crazy time. We had so much stuff. He'd moved into my duplex at the beginning of July, sort of. He moved in clothes and stuff and that's about it. We knew we'd start looking for a house pretty soon and this is the first house we ever looked at. We fell in love immediately. It was the lowest price (in our budget range) with the most ammenities.

In the year and a half since we've lived here, we've done so much work! Every wall was white, so we've painted everything except for the two guest bedrooms because I don't want to paint them and then in the near future, paint again when we turn them into nurseries. A lot of things were also outdated. Lots of gold fixtures. We've replaced every single fan with deep bronze fans and the light fixtures in the hall with deep bronze fixtures. There was dark green carpet in the front office, but we ripped it out last summer and put hardwood down. It looks amazing. We also have dark green carpet in the two guest bedrooms, we when we turn them into nurseries, we will rip it out and replace it, as well. Also, many things are just plain jane. Plain doors, plain doorknobs, plain trim. We have bought some crown molding, we just haven't had a chance to put it up yet. We are planning on retiling the bathrooms and the entryway, but we haven't done that yet, either. These things take time! And money! One thing at a time. Nick wants our house to forever be a project. He always wants to work on improving it.

Today, doors!!! He is in town getting us a new door, as I write this. He's only buying one so he can make sure he can do it himself; well with my help:) When he figures out how to do it, we'll purchase the others. I'm so excited about this. It will look so different! It will also be a lot of fun:) A project we get to do together to make our home more wonderful!

We are so very blessed to start off with the house we did. I can see us living here for a long time. That is so exciting to me. I imagine us bringing home babies here and having many birthdays and Christmases here. I am excited for what will happen to us in the next few years, but I'm really excited for what will happen today. Another chance to use the things God has blessed us with to improve our home.

Goodbye, Plain Jane!

Welcome home, new doors!

P.S. I will post when we get the doors done:)

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katie said...

your house looks lovely and it's so neat to know that you will be making memories there for a lifetime.