Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Week of Birthdays

This week has been so busy! Last Monday we headed to my parents house for my sister's birthday party. Her birthday was actually on Wednesday, but because of church commitments, we celebrated on Monday. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins were all there to celebrate with us.

Cassie's birthday has always been special because she was born on my dad's birthday. They always shared a bond that no one else could know. Since he's been gone, her birthday has become a time of remembrance. He would've been 50 this year! That's a big birthday. We wonder what kind of party we would've had for him, if he would've had gray hair, if he would've looked older, how our lives would be different...It's always a very neat time. Sad, but neat.

Yesterday, we celebrated a big birthday with Nick's dad. He turned 60. We had a huge bash for him. Tons of friends, tons of food, tons of music, and family. This was a bittersweet party for me. I wish I could've done that for my own dad. Such big birthdays and so many memories made.

What a wonderful time to reminisce!


katie said...

glad you had a good time with your famliy. I dind't know they shared the same birthday. That is too special. I know Doug would be proud of you and Cassie:)

Cari said...

I go to a weekly women's Bible study every Wednesday morning. When we get together for lecture time I always pull out my notebook, write the title of the message, and date it. So last Wednesday I dated it and it dawned on me it was their birthday. And so I wrote "Happy birthday Cassie & Doug" on my notes. I think of your dad often and every time I do I smile. And your sister? Well, she's about as precious as they come. Love you, Audra!!!!