Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Months

Wow! My little man is 13 weeks today! He was three months old yesterday, April 13th! He has grown and developed so much this month. It's so fun to see the new things he's learning. He's learning all about this world and I'm learning right along with him. I see the world in a whole new light now that he's come along:)

Dear Lucas,

What an amazing month it has been?! You have grown and changed before our very eyes and we are so happy to watch it. You have grown into a little baby, no longer an infant. You are developing a little personality and it's amazing.

You had your two-month doctor's appointment a little late, so it was only 2 weeks ago! You weighed 11 lbs 4 oz and were 24 inches long. You are 86% in height and 41% in weight. You are long and skinny! I don't know where you got that, because that's not a trait you would associate with Mommy or Daddy! Daddy weighed you last night and he thinks you weigh about 12 1/2 lbs now! You are still in 0-3 mos clothes, but your 0-3 mos jammies won't last much longer. They are stretched to the limit. You are in size 1 diapers, but we have some size 1-2 diapers when these run out. I think they'll do just fine.

You have started eating 6 oz at a time now and you moved to a Level 2 nipple, so your eatings have been so much faster. What used to take you 40 minutes to eat 5 oz, now takes you 20 minutes to eat 6 oz:) This makes Mommy and Daddy much happier.

You are starting to become so active! You love your bouncer now because you kick your feet to make it bounce. You love to bat at the animals and your favorite is still the giraffe:) You follow us around the room much more now and you're getting much better at holding your head up. You still let it fall once in awhile, but not very often. We still work on tummy time, but you still hate it:( I've heard once you start to roll over, you'll like it much more! You will stare at us for a long time and just talk forever. Daddy thinks he heard you really laugh the other day, but Mommy wasn't there. You haven't done it since, but I know it's coming again soon:)

You had a special visitor this month...Mommy's friend Chandra:) She came all the way from Tennessee to see you! She was so excited and you smiled a lot for her! We all wish she lived closer:(

You still love bathtime and love to dangle your feet out of your tub into the water. Daddy helped you sit down in the water last night (in Mommy's bathtub) and you loved it! I can't wait to get you in the pool this summer!

You have also started to chew on things a lot. You will hold things when we put them in your hand. You like your rattle, your raz-baby and your Cardinals blanket. We've also tried your crinkle book and you even put it in your mouth yesterday while holding it!

You still have thrush, but we think the new medicine we got yesterday will finally clear it up! It doesn't seem to bother you one bit, though. You sleep like a champ! You slept from 9p-6a last night without waking up to fuss at all! You never eat in the middle of the night anymore, but sometimes you fuss for a few minutes and all we have to do is fix your blanket and soothe you a little. You have started kicking off your blanket in the middle of the night and sleeping diagonal. I know very soon you won't need your blankie anymore, but right now I'll let you choose if you want it or not. I'm going to give it to you and let you kick it off when you need to. When it gets too hot and you start to roll over, we won't use it anymore.

Well, little man. It's been an exciting month, yet I know the best is yet to come! Each new thing you learn and accomplish bring Mommy and Daddy so much joy! We just sit and stare at you when we're all together and we talk about you when we're not. Daddy's been gone a lot for baseball, but you've been great for Mommy and very soon, baseball will be over! I know you love having Daddy home and so do I!

We are so proud of the little man you're becoming and we're blessed to be a witness to it all! We love you so much:)

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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Erin said...

Oh, he is precious, Audra! It is so fun to watch and read about you and your little man. You're both doing great! (And Nick, too...) ;) Can't wait to see him again soon!