Monday, October 10, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

As many of you know, I'm a movie fanatic!

I can quote most of the movies I own word for word...yes it's a little annoying:)

But I love going to the movies. I love to see the Best Oscar nominees list and see all the movies that were nominated.

Nick and I have always gone to movies together too. It's one of our favorite pastimes. Well, since we've had Lucas, we've only gone to one movie. "True Grit" on Valentine's Day. It was amazing, but that was 7 months ago!

Well, I was feeling a little blue this weekend because there's so much I want to do with Nick and Lucas, but we don't have the money or the time to fit everything in! That's neither here nor there, but Nick heard my pleas and took me out yesterday!

We went to see a movie:) It was wonderful! Just the two of us:) $10 for popcorn and a Pepsi was totally worth it! "The Ides of March" was wonderful! A lot of language, but it will probably be nominated! It wouldn't have even mattered if the movie would've been horrible...I had a much-needed, long-overdue date with my man and I loved it! We went to the mall and picked up a birthday present after, went to Target for groceries and went through the drive-thru at Wendy's! Not a crazy, adventurous date, but a date nonetheless!

I didn't snap any pictures of the two of us on our date, but I did get one of this girl:) She was so cute standing outside of Wendy's! She had the dress, the braids, the freckles; the works!

Dates are so important! I love my little man so much and I would love to spend every waking minute with him, but I love my big man too:) It started out just the two of us and it will end just the two of us.

Thanks babe for taking me out when I needed it the most!

All my love!

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Erin said...

Date nights are so important--glad you got a fun night out!