Monday, October 24, 2011

Nine Months (A Week and a Half Late)

My dear little boy,

These days, weeks and months seem to fly by with you around! You keep us so busy it's hard to even sit sometimes!

You've grown and changed so much. You are now in 12 months close and still in size 3diapers. You had your third haircut and you almost need another one!

You have done more firsts this month! You started going to football games! We only stay until half-time because they start at your bedtime - 7:30p!! You have so much fun, though. You love to people watch, watch the cheerleaders and the band! We've gone to a Pryor game (with Mimi), a Coweta game (with Poppy and Aunt Cassie), a Welch game (with Papa Rock and Nana), and of course a Miami game:) The only team we have left to see is Uncle Callen's Bixby Spartans!

Speaking of bedtime, you still go to bed at 7:30p right after your bath, bottle, story and song! You are really getting attached to Geoffrey. He has to be with us when we're getting ready for bed now, not just when you get into bed. It's still so cute though:)

You got a new carseat this month and you love having Geoffrey in there too:) You sleep in there so much better with Geoffrey! You have also started learning to not drop your head so much.

The main accomplishment this month was crawling! You started army crawling and just this past week have actually gotten on your hands and knees! You don't go very far, but you definitely want to. It's so cute! You can even crawl up the step into the kitchen and you plop back down! You seemed a little timid at first, but once you did it, you had no fear at all! Just up and down, up and down all the time! It's definitely been a challenge for Daddy and I to keep up with you. Your favorite things to get out are the DVDs and the magazines. Your entire head will be in the end table where the magazines are. I don't think it'll be too long before you're pulling up!

You have three teeth, so you have started eating more table food now. You'll try just about anything we give you, but right now it seems you're a lot like Daddy...picky! You absolutely love cheese and pieces of ham and turkey. You also like rice and bread. We can just give you a slice of bread (toasted or not) and you'll go to town! It's messy, but you like it:) The only fruit you'll eat right now is pears. You don't really like bananas, but you'll eat them as baby food! Who knows?! When we give you pieces of banana, it's like you don't know how to swallow. You'll chew for a little bit and you'll just hold it all in the front of your mouth underneath your tongue! It's crazy;) I don't know how you do it! This was the first time you ate spaghetti, but you love it now!

You also got to meet Great-Uncle Greg and Great-Aunt Debby and your first cousin once-removed, Melissa, this month:) You also met Great-Great Uncle Jay and Great-Great Aunt Nancy! They were so excited to meet you! They love you to pieces. You loved them, too:) I didn't get any pictures of you with them, but I did get one of you and Uncle Greg at church:) He had a blast with you!!

You have many firsts coming up, so Mommy will do a much better job of writing about it! I want to record your whole life little man so I can look back and watch every moment! This isn't possible, so I just try to make many memories with you! You make me laugh everyday with your new discoveries and as I say in every letter, I'm tickled to be a part of your life:)

We love you so much and we are so proud of the little man you're becoming!!!

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy


Erin said...

He looks so grown up here, Audra! So sweet.

Leslie said...

I've never met Daddy, but Lucas is looking a lot like his mama to me in these pictures! Such a cutie!