Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Hayride

A few weeks ago, Nick and I drove with some friends for about an hour to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. We'd never been to one of these before, being first-time parents and all, and we didn't know how big it would be! It was huge and we didn't bring our stroller! So, we had to carry him the whole time (he's getting a little heavy) and it was so hot! We had him dressed in longsleeve and overalls because it was cool that morning at church, but it was 80 degrees that afternoon! Needless to say, all three of us were worn out, but we had a great time! I definitely think he'll have more fun next year and we'll be better prepared, but memories memories!!!

They have a little waterpump that makes rubber ducks go down a ditch. He had fun helping daddy pump the water

Then they have a sandbox filled with corn kernels instead of sand! It was so cute watching him feel it. He loved the texture, but he kept wanting to eat it:)

He and daddy resting on a bench

Measuring to see how tall he is

Sitting on a gutted out tractor

And hating sticking his head into the hole of a sunflower:)

Then he and mommy got to go down a slide

And we all finally made it to the hayride

By this time, it was so hot we had to lose the shirt!

Here are our lovely friends: Michael, Nakilah and their daughter Alivia

It was now the end of our trip, so we got in the wheelbarrow with our pumpkins and headed to the car:(

We were all talking about how they'll be walking and running around everywhere next year! It will be so much fun:) I can't believe he's growing up so fast, but each new season is more exciting than the last! I love every minute of it:)


Erin said...

Cute boy! Glad you guys had fun!

one of nettie's girls said...

The picture of his face in that sunflower is hilarious! He was starting to look a little tired but it was great to start a tradition like that.