Tuesday, March 27, 2012

14 Months (2 weeks late!)

My dear sweet Lucas,

Oh my goodness how this last month has flown by?! You're getting to be so much fun. I mean, you've always been fun, but this is my absolute favorite stage so far! You make me laugh everyday and you are just learning and learning and growing and growing!

You had your second Valentine's day this month! You have so much love surrounding you all the time...hope you know that! You are starting to love playing with cars at the sitter with the big boys, so we got you a Lightning McQueen car and the movie "Cars" for Valentine's Day. You love it! You push your little car around and say "vroom vroom". It's so cute! We put in the movie in the car on the way to Memphis (for your first vacation!) and you grabbed your car and were in a trance through the whole thing:) You were smiling and waving your car around the whole time. It was hilarious:) It's so fun to watch you start to play with "big boy toys". Can't believe it!!

We finally made it to your 12-month check-up; we had to reschedule twice because your doctor wa sick. You are definitely taller (grew 2 in; which puts you at 68% in height), but only gained a pound (21.7 lbs; 33% in weight)! You did great at the appointment, until they had to give you 6 shots:( It was so sad! Afterward, they gave you a sucker and you wouldn't even open your mouth for me to take it out! You loved it:) They also gave you a sticker and you had fun moving it from one hand to another. You couldn't quite figure out how it would stick to your fingers:) You just had fun chewing it later:)

You did so good, though, I went and got a chocolate shake for us to share. You absolutely loved it! You've had frozen yogurt with me a few times since then and you just love it! It's so cute:) As soon as we left your doctor's appointment, we went to Daddy's baseball game and you took 14 steps! It was so exciting:) Daddy caught the last little bit of it:) You took almost 50 the day of your 14-month birthday, so I know you're getting close!!

*Edit* A few weeks after his 14-month birthday, he became a full-time walker! Yippee:)

We've been to a lot of Daddy's baseball games and your favorite thing to do is have Mommy take you up and down the steps on the bleachers. I don't think Mommy has been able to enjoy one full inning:) Except when you sit in your stroller, have a snack, and enjoy Mommy's Diet Cherry Limeade!!

You are still in 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers, you are eating everything we eat, and you are still sleeping 7:30p-7:00a. You are still taking two naps a day (morning is usually about an hour and afternoon is about an hour and a half!). You have stopped liking green beans this month and your new favorite is peas (which Daddy and I don't really like!).

You absolutely love your chair and sit in it all the time. That's the place we can consistently get you to walk toward:) You're really good at turning and sitting properly and you're really good at getting out!

You are so good at stacking blocks now and you are so good at putting your shapes in the correct places in all your puzzles! You absolutely love books still and you are so good and gentle with them. You even have a pop-up book that we can let you look at on your own. You haven't even tried to tear it! *Knock on wood:)

You have mastered the sippy cup this month, you know where Daddy and I's noses are and you know where your belly button is:) If you happen to have a onesie on, you try to pull up your pant leg to show us! You can't figure out why sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not!!

I can't believe how fast these months are going, baby boy! I can't even offically call you that anymore (even though I will continue to do so). You are a toddler now and it's so fun to watch! You are absolutely the light of my life and make my world so much fuller and happier! I can't get enough of your love, babe!

We are so proud of you and all the things you're accomplishing! We are starting a whole new chapter with you walking and it's going to be a great adventure! We are just thrilled! We love you so much and are so pround to be your parents:)

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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Erin said...

Big boy!! So sweet, Audra. He looks so grown up in his chair with his little tie!