Friday, March 2, 2012

Walkin' in Memphis (Part 2)

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast at the hotel again. It was an amazing breakfast. They cooked eggs any way you like them (I chose the veggie omelette; amazing!), pancakes, bacon, sausage, fruit, yogurt, french toast, all different kinds of breads and juice...delicious! Lucas loved the french toast and the scrambled eggs. Then, when I would leave to get more juice, he would grab things off my plate, as well:) So funny!

After that, the boys played while we got our stuff packed and loaded. They just loved each other by this wish they could see each more often so we don't have that "transition" period of getting to know each other every time! I'm sure it will get easier and easier, though:)

When we left the hotel, we stopped at Starbucks and then Gibson's Doughnuts (a local favorite)! Both were so yummy:) I know, we did all this not 30 minutes after eating an amazing breakfast at the hotel, but we were on vacation, right??? :)

Our final stop of the trip was The Peabody Hotel to see the ducks:) You can read about it here:) Basically, every day at 11a and 5p, 5 ducks get on the elevator on the roof of the hotel, go down to the lobby, walk on a red carpet, and climb into the lobby fountain! It is a big deal:) Since the boys had so much fun at the zoo the day before, we knew they'd love some more animal time. Boy, did they?! It was so cute:)

There was a huge crowd of people, but since we had the babies, we were able to sneak right down in the front!

Lucas and Colt just stood at the fountain and watched them swim around:)

They were particularly feisty this day and were splashing like crazy. The first time Lucas got splashed, he didn't particularly care for it, but then he got used it and absolutely loved it:) He and I both got soaked!

The place was gorgeous and so much fun, but we had to say goodbye at some point:( It was sad to leave, but we had so much fun:) We will probably have to make this a yearly trip! We loved Memphis and can't wait to go back!

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one of nettie's girls said...

Loved reading about your trip! Definitely make this a regular time is precious.