Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Love

I have just recently finished "The Mark of the Lion" series by Francine Rivers, and it was amazing!

It's a love story, a little bit of history, and all written by a Christian author so it challenges how you live your life.

There are three books and you can read the descriptions here, but I'll give you a brief one.

The first book took place a little after Christ was crucified. There was a terrible war going on and Hadassah lost her entire family. She was shipped to Rome where she became a slave for a very wealthy family and their daughter Julia. Hadassah can't release her true identity and belief in Christ, so she just tries to be a good servant to Julia (while being a servant to Christ). She falls in love with Julia's older brother Marcus, but struggles in the family. In the meantime, it tells of a man named Atretes who is captured in his home country of Germania to be a gladiator in Rome.

The second book is a continuation of the first. Hadassah struggles all the more to keep her identity a secret from Marcus, while Julia has decided to rebel against family and all morality. Julia falls in love with the gladiator Atretes, but Atretes is struggling as well. Hadassah strikes up a friendship with Atretes, but loves Marcus too. Will he fall in love with her?

The third book focuses solely on Atretes and his journey back to Germania with the child he and Julia had. Will he come to accept Christ and what kind of a difference will that make to his family who worships the idol Tiwaz??

I loved these books so much! They are easy to read and kept me on the edge of my seat:) If you loved her book "Redeeming Love", you'll love these!


Erin said...

I was just thinking I wanted something new/clean/easy to read, and this just might be the ticket! Thanks for the review!

Megan Reeves said...

oh my goodness i read this series my last year of college. they are so incredible! it was such an inspiration of faith and complete reliance on the Lord. even when she had EVERYTHING taken from here!