Saturday, June 28, 2014

One Month: A Letter

June 28, 2014

Dear sweet Molly,

I can't believe it's already been a month!  What an exciting month it's been:)

It's been such a range of emotions for Mama.  You've made me so happy, worried, excited, scared, confused, and content all at once!  You've fit right in, but we've definitely had some adjustment period too.

You're brother is infatuated by you!  He loves to look at you; especially when your eyes are open!  He puts your paci in when you fuss and he loves to lay by you and look at you when you're on your mat!

You went to the doctor just a few days after we got home and you had gained 4 oz since we left the hospital!  The doctor said you looked wonderful and that made us so happy:)

Mommy was nursing you and you seemed to be doing okay, but you fell asleep while sucking almost every time:)  My milk seemed to be coming in on one side more than another and you seemed real fussy, so I called and we went back to the doctor on Wednesday and to see the lactation consultant.  You had lost a little bit of weight since Monday, so the doctor told us to supplement 1 oz of formula after every feeding.  This seemed to work better:)

We were still trying to figure out how much you were eating, but we put you on more of a schedule and the lactation consultant taught mama a few tricks, so you were starting to sleep pretty good.  The doctor wanted to see you again in one week.

We had lots of fun with you figuring out your quirks.  You take your paci really well, you like laying on your belly when you're fussy, you like to be swaddled under the arms, you put your arms above your head when you sleep just like your brother, you're a sleepy eater and you don't like to work very hard while eating, you curl your toes and clinch your fists when you really start sucking, and you love your room!  

We took you for your newborn pictures and we got some amazing ones!

You also experienced a lot of firsts this month.

You met your first friend, Jordan.  Jordan's daddy is friends with your daddy and Jordan's older brother Campbell is friend's with your brother.  Campbell is 6 days older than Lucas and you are 2 days older than Jordan.  We will see them and hang out with them a lot:)

You went to church for the first time and have still yet to go to the nursery.  You're such a good girl and usually sleep all through service.  I'll take you in there soon, but now I love snuggling with you during church!

Your Aunt Cassie and I took you, Lucas and your cousin Boston to Mama's hometown of Pryor to surprise Mimi at work.  She loved having all three of you there and you got some snuggle time in with Aunt Cassie too:)

Your cord stump fell off, so you finally got your first bath and you loved it!  You loved looking at the running water and seeing yourself in the mirror:)

We took Lucas to the park and you and I had a good time sitting in the shade watching:)

We got to celebrate Father's Day with Daddy:)  His first as a father of two!  He loves you and Lucas so much!!!!  You've got a good daddy.

We went to one of Daddy's baseball games.  Lots of people got to hold you and love on you and I'm excited for you to see more of those!  It's a sport your Daddy loves and he can't wait to teach you all about it:)

And you got to meet your second cousin Daisy!  You guys are less than a month apart and I can't wait to see your friendship grow:)

We spend our days cuddling with you on the couch, laying on a quilt in your room, swinging in your swing, being outside watching Lucas swim and ride his tricycle, getting to know your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and figuring out where you like most to nap!

You eat 3 1/2 oz every 3 hours during the day.  At night, you sleep really good the first go-round; usually 4 hours.  Then after that, it's very inconsistent.  Sometimes you'll only sleep two hours after that feeding and sometimes it's 3-4.  Also after that first feeding, sometimes you stay awake for awhile and sometimes you fall asleep after only eating 2 oz.  That's our toughest time right now.  We want to make sure you're comfortable and satisfied and sometimes we don't know how to do that.

You are on sensitive formula right now and after a day of fussiness while you got used to the formula, you seem much more content after each feeding.  Mama nursed you for 3 weeks and she's grateful she got that time, but you started needing 2 1/2 oz of formula after Mama would nurse you, so you were getting more formula than you were breast milk.  It's easier because now Daddy can help feed you and you eat a lot faster.  You are growing too because when we went back to the doctor for your 2-week check-up you were 1 oz shy of your birthweight and Daddy weighed you the other day (with you on the scale and without you) and you weighed 9 1/2 oz!!!  You are in 0-3 month clothes now and size 1 diapers.  You are starting to get chubby thighs and rolls on your arms, knees and back!  I love it:)  More to squeeze that way:)

I want to remember your strawberry blonde hair, your big, dark blue eyes, your dainty fingers, your chubby cheeks, and your little mouth:)  I also want to remember the way you smile when you start to fall asleep and the way you always throw your head back, just like it was in the womb:)

You are so sweet and fun and we are so thankful God gave you to us.  We promise to teach you to put Him first and love Him first.  We also promise to love you and take care of you:)

Thanks for joining our family and making us a family of four!

Mama and Daddy


Julie Dawkins said...

So sweet. I love that last picture of her at 1 month. Good for you for having enough energy to post and remember all of that!

Cari said...

She is SO pretty!!!