Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come and Gone

So, my first OB has come and gone.

I was so nervous! Of course, I had a ton of paperwork to fill out, but we waited in that waiting room for an hour before they called me back! I thought it would never end.

When we finally went back there, we met my OB for the first time. He was so nice! I prayed for an OB that I could relate to and would make me feel very reassured, and the Lord answers prayer! He was so calm, cool and level-headed. Just the doctor I need. He answered all my questions and eased all my nerves and fears.

We didn't get to hear the heartbeat today...still too early. My next appointment is July 9 and I'll hear it then. I did have some blood work done and he gave me tons of books and pamphlets to look over. There's so much to fill out.

One thing that is insane to fill out is the Advanced Medical Directive. It's strange signing a form saying what should happen to me if I die or am too sick to live. It's a little scary, but I have faith that the Lord will take care of me and my new little family during this entire pregnancy.


katie said...

It is a wonderful journey being pregnant:) Yes, sometimes it can be nervewracking, but when you hold and see that baby, it's all worth it. I didn't hear my girl's hearbeats the 1st visit either. But, they were going strong the next visit. I am praying friend. :)

Erin said...

Things are moving right along for you! Can't wait to hear more updates! :)