Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have had the craziest, busiest, exciting last 10 days!

We had a great time in Alabama. We shopped, ate good food, laid out at the pool, toured the University of Alabama campus, played games, and enjoyed each other's company!

We were home for 2 days and headed to Kansas City for our anniversary weekend! It was filled with great food, wonderful Michael Buble (he was amazing!), and a hot baseball game where the Cardinals lost:( We absolutely loved our time together, but we couldn't help but notice that is our last anniversary as just the two of us. Our family is about to grow and we couldn't be more happy about that!

On the actual date of our anniversary, we got to hang out with the Kern cousins! It was amazing! All 11 of us were there together with our spouses. No kids (except beautiful Emery) and no parents! It was so fun:) I don't know the last time the 11 of us were together in one place. And it's never happened without parents. We lauged, sang, ate good food, watched home videos, and cherished this rare time to be together.

We've had a wonderful ten days, but the reason this is a quick recap: we left our battery charger and battery at Becky's when we had a cousin get-together, so I have no picture proof of the weekend:( I'll get it soon and very soon and I'll have a picture post!

Until then...a little update with the pregnancy. I still have had no morning sickness (continuing to praise the Lord for that), but I have had to start wearing the Bella Band. Not all the time, just with certain pants or shorts. Apparently, I have no where for my stomach to go, but straight out! This is okay with me. I'd rather be showing in my stomach than anywhere else:) We have our next doctor's appointment on July 9 where we'll finally get to hear the heartbeat and have our first ultrasound:) I'm so excited! It's starting to feel a little real because my stomach is sticking out more than it ever has in my life, but it will really feel real when we hear the heartbeat. I know I've said this a million times, but I'm so ready for that!

I'm so sad I don't get to post any pictures today, but we are back safe and sound and we finally get to stay home for a while without travelling:) I love vacations and road trips with my husband, but it's true what they say; "There's no place like home."

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Erin said...

It was so fun to see you, even if it was only for a little bit! I wish I could have stayed to see the home videos funny. ;) You are looking so cute with that little teeny tiny belly! Loved talking 'pregnancy' with you!! :)