Friday, June 18, 2010

Headin' Out

Tomorrow, Nick, his mom, his sister, and I are heading to Alabama to visit Nick's brother and his wife.

We're the car...for 11-12 hours!!! We are leaving at 7a tomorrow morning and won't be there until dinner tomorrow night!

I have lots of magazines (of the pregnancy kind and others), books (of the pregnancy kind and others), puzzles, candy, and am going to make chocolate chip cookies, as well:)

We won't be back until Thursday of next week and Saturday of next week, Nick and I are heading to Kansas City for our 2nd anniversary! We're seeing Michael Buble (his present to me) and the Cardinals vs. Royals (my present to him). I'm so excited, but that means I won't be here to post until about June 29th or so!

I should have lots of pictures and lots of stories by then and I'll be 10 weeks pregnant! So far, I still haven't had any morning sickness, so for that I'm so thankful. Hopefully it won't start on our roadtrip tomorrow! Please pray;)

Until then...I'll leave you with my 8 week pregnant shot. It's not much, but I've never had a belly AT ALL! So, this is significant to me:) Enjoy and have a fantastic Father's Day weeekend! We visited all three "dads" in our lives this week. Monday night, dinner with Nick's dad...Wednesday night, dinner with Nick's step-dad...last night, dinner with my step-dad! We love each and everyone of them so much and I'm excited to see how my own husband becomes a dad in the coming months:)

P.S. I'm copying my lovely cousin-in-law, Erin, and will be taking all my pics in front of my fireplace:)


Erin said...

Ahhh, your little tiny belly!!! Love it. Can't wait to see more pictures as that bun keeps bakin'! ;) Have fun on your trips!

katie said...

CUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEE!! I'm glad you haven't had morning sickness. I unfortunately had it horrible with Karoline and Livy. But, it passes:) Have fun on your trip