Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Break Family Fun

On Fall Break, Nick, Lucas and I headed to Branson for a trip with my mom Sarah, my step-dad Tim, my sister Cassie, and her husband Callen. This was the first time all of us had gone on a trip together and we had a blast!

Here's my little traveler on the way there:) Little did we know, this would be a trip to remember in more ways than one!

Soon after this picture was taken, Lucas started screaming and didn't stop until we got to Ozark! He had gotten a new tooth earlier in the week and the effects just started! He was burning up when we stopped at an antique store and he hadn't slept at all:( Needless to say, we had a rough weekend! We had a blast and he was good overall, but he was so sensitive and once he started crying, he had a hard time stopping.

We stopped at Lamberts (home of the "throwed rolls")

And Poppy took care of him

So we could enjoy our dinner:)

Nick had found a condo on-line for an amazing price that has two bedrooms (with king beds), two baths and a loft (with a queen bed). Perfect for the six of us to be together. You never know how things are going to turn out when you book them on-line, well this place exceeded our expectations:)

It was a long night because my little man was hurting and he wasn't wanting to eat and he had a bad fever and he was in a new place and woke up a lot, so needless to say, we were tired. But that wasn't stopping us. The boys headed to the golf course on Saturday morning, and Mom, Cassie, Lucas and I headed to Silver Dollar City and Tanger Outlet Mall:) We had a great time!

My little man was tired and still didn't eat well, but boy was he a trooper?! He made it out with us all day with just a few crying spells! I gotta hand it to him; he does a great job in his stroller.

We met the boys back at the lodge for an evening of games and World Series Game 3! My Cardinals won, so we were extra happy:)

Sunday morning it was time to leave our perfect little lodge:(

We stopped at Branson Landing for some last minute shopping and some lunch and Lucas and Daddy played on the playground a little while. Does he not look like a little boy right here? Not a baby?! Be still my heart!

He was much better this day and he had a great time on the way home! Chewing on his feet while Geoffrey happily watched:)

We all had a great time:) We've never been able to jet away just the 7 of us and we cherished every moment! We absolutely enjoy each other's company and will definitely make this a yearly ritual and plan other trips like it during the rest of the year!

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