Friday, December 16, 2011

11 Months

Oh my goodness, Lucas!!

I can't believe your first year of life has almost come to an end! This has been a whirlwind! Every month seems to go by quicker and quicker! Your 11 month birthday certainly snuck up on us:) You've had a busy month!

You are still growing, growing, growing! You haven't been to the doctor this month and Daddy hasn't weighed you, but we know you are getting bigger because you are in 12-18 months clothes now! Most of your 6-12 months clothes are too short! I don't know if you've gained much weight, though, because you are active!!

You've definitely mastered pulling up this month and have been cruising a lot as well:) You can move from the couch to the loveseat to recliner and back to the ottoman with ease! You don't like to stay in one spot for a long time:)

You love to pull up to the piano and plunk out a few notes and you love to pull up to the bathtub when you hear your bath water running:) It's so cute!!

Another big change this month is your switch to table food:) You don't eat any baby food anymore:( Kind of sad, but so much easier for Mommy and Daddy! You pretty much eat anything we give you:) You love chicken, green beans, carrots, corn, bread, meatloaf, lasagna, pork chops, popcorn shrimp, scrambled eggs, peaches and pears:) You also love applesauce and you still eat yogurt and oatmeal in the mornings most of the time:)

We've also started weaning you off of formula. Tomorrow at lunch and dinner time, you will have 2 oz formula and 3 oz milk! You are switching so easily:) You are also drinking it out of a cup:) You're doing great! This is much easier for Mommy and Daddy too!!

You've had some new traditions this month, as well!

You had your first Thanksgiving! You had a great time with both families. You ate turkey and got to see a lot of your cousins; including Delia for the first time! You also got to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with Daddy and me that morning. You fell asleep during it, though;)

During Thanksgiving, you finally got to meet the Pennsylvania Johnsons! These are Poppy's parents:) They were so excited to meet you and Daddy! We send them a picture in the Steelers shirt Mimi and Poppy got you this summer when they were visiting them and they loved it:) Then, they came to our house for dinner and they got you some jammies. You wore them during Thanksgiving at Mimi's!

The other new tradition this month is decorating for Christmas:) You love your little tree and you love your Advent calendar and you liked Santa pretty well too:) You smiled when you saw his beard and started at it for awhile! I'll put that picture up in a few days;)

It is so fun sharing all these new things with you and seeing it all through your eyes:) I know you don't understand it all right now, but you will:) We're trying to share more with you about why we celebrate Christmas and the real meaning behind it. I know you'll have fun with presents and decorations, but I pray that you will come to know Christ as your One and Only Savior and worship Him as the Reason for the Season:)

We love you baby and we are so proud of the little man you have become and are becoming! You make life wonderful and we can't wait to celebrate Christmas, the New Year and your 1st birthday!!

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy


Erin said...

He can NOT be almost a year old!!! Good grief! He is so adorable, Audra. And I'm so sad we didn't get a pic of our kiddos together--mental note for next time we're all in town! :)

Whitney said...

Dear Baby,


Love you,