Monday, December 5, 2011

Preschool and Pinterest Go Hand-in-Hand

Here are some Christmas crafts I've made with my kids over the past few days and I got them all from Pinterest! So cute and so unique:)

The first were Christmas Tree Footprints

I painted their feet green and their toes red. Some of mine with high arches are blank in the middle, but that's what makes them special!

The next thing we made were some ornaments; both with handprints.

This one I traced their hands and cut them out. We put glitter all over them, a red bead for the nose, a googly eye, and cut out a hole for the pipecleaner antler. Some decorated with shiny sequins, others chose for me to draw a heart on them!

This next one is Santa. You paint their palm (closest to their wrist) red and add a little white to the tip of the thumb (for the end of Santa's hat), a little white under the red (for Santa's hair) and white on the fingers (for Santa's beard), then I used peach for the middle of the palm (for Santa's face).

The next thing we made were Rudolph marshmallows

I didn't put eyes on mine, but we dipped a marshmallow in chocolate, laid it on top of pretzel twists and added a red M&M for the nose:)

We did Letter "R" last week, so we did a lot of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer crafts;)

The next one is Reindeer Noses

I used Whoppers for Santa's eight reindeer and a red gumball for Rudolph. The red gumball is supposed to be at the front of the line (because he's the leader, ya know?), but somehow this one got all scrambled. It was also a good counting lesson because they had to count Santa's eight reindeer:)

The next one is this Rudolph craft

I traced their shoe onto brown paper and cut it out. Then glued it onto green. They drew the antlers and glued on the black circles for eyes and the red circle for the nose.

The last one we did were Christmas lights

I drew one letter per light and sprinkled them with glitter. They then had to choose the letters to spell out their names and I hung them on the ceiling:) They give my room some pizazze!

Anyway, I love this season with kids because they are so excited about each little craft:) It makes it so much fun for me as their teacher. I'm going to do a few of these things with Lucas and you should do some with your kiddos too:)


Erin said...

You are just too crafty! I love all of these! Please teach my children someday. ;)

Mrs. Maxson said...

Oh Erin, I would love to! Please find us jobs in the Tulsa/Owasso area:)