Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Family Tradition

In the Kern family, everyone remembers my grandma Marguerite's freezer jam. She would use strawberries and make it in butter tubs. She would also make homemade biscuits. It was an amazing breakfast or snack:)

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Terri brought me some when I was at my mom's house and I remembered how yummy it was. Nick also fell in love with it!!

I decided over Thanksgiving that I wanted to learn how to make it. I was amazed when Aunt Terri told me how easy it was!

Here are all the frozen strawberries I used. The key is for them to be room temperature

Here is the sugar and Sure-Gel mixed together in the pan

You then add water and let it boil stirring constantly

I didn't get a picture of this mixed with the strawberries because everything happens so fast once it starts boiling. It goes in to the jars in 2 minutes.

But I did get a picture of all the jars

It makes 8 jars, so great Christmas gifts right? That's what I thought too. I'm making my own gift tags this year, too!!

I Didn't give them all away! After I let it set for 24 hours, we tried it out on a biscuit!

It turned out perfect! I was so excited! I told Aunt Terri about it and she said Grandma Marguerite would be proud!!

Best compliment ever:)

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one of nettie's girls said...

I have made Marg's jam many times. It is amazing. She would be proud of you, indeed. But, for a lot of reasons, not just the jam.

Mrs. Maxson said...

Oh thanks, Verla:) You're too sweet!!!

Erin said...

Love me some freezer jam! Yum!

Nicole said...

This looks AMAZING!! I am so jealous! I'm also impressed...wife...mother..teacher...mmaker of homemade goodies! What don't you do?!