Monday, April 16, 2012

15 Months

Dear Lucas,

I can't believe your 15 months old! So much has happened this month! You've grown and progressed in ways we could never have imagined!

The day after you turned 14 months you started walking! You took about 50 steps at the baseball field and really never stopped after that. It was wonderful:) You look so cute when you walk...with your little hands up in fists to keep your balance. You can go up the step into the kitchen with ease, but are still having a hard time getting down. A few weeks later, when you were about 14 1/2 months, you figured how to stand up on your own. We realized that if we got your feet and hands underneath you that you would push your way up...once we helped you this about 4 times, you had it down pat:) It's so cute to watch you stick your little booty up in the air!

We had family pictures this month and you were just wonderful! You just love being outside, so these were perfect for you and you just shined for the camera! It captured your little personality beautifully.

You've been to the doctor twice this month (and are going again today). You had a little rash on your hiney so we went (it's gone now!) and you weighed 22 lbs; up from 21.7 on March 1. Then, last week we had to go again because of a terrible cough and fever, and you hadn't eaten or drank anything, so you were down to 21.2. It was just pitiful:( You've had to have a breathing treatment every day since then. You've done great with them. When we go today, hopefully they'll tell us you're cured and we don't need to do them anymore!

It's so sad to see you hurting and not being able to do anything. It is a good lesson in humility for Mommy. Even though I wish I oculd take every pain and every hurt from you, I can't. God can though and He will always protect you.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this month, so we've been outside a lot! You have ridden on Daddy's mower with him, we've gone on many walks, we've had fun at the baseball fields, and you never want to come in! I absolutely love it!

We had another holiday this month...Easter! You had a great time hunting eggs and you absolutely love to find bunnies, wherever they may be. I have decorated with them and you can spot them from anywhere. Mimi also gave you a little house full of pets (a bunny, a bird, a dog, and a cat) and you can identify all of them!

I took you to see the Easter Bunny (I'll have to add this photo later) and you loved it! You just smiled up at him, then over at me, then back at him. You thought it was wonderful!

You are becoming my favorite little shopping partner. You have such a great time in the cart, just observing and waving at everyone who passes us. You have also learned to say "bye bye", so you say that as we pass things quite often. Because you're always so good, we usually get a treat at the end of our trips. This is fun for Mommy, too:) If we're in the mall, we'll get mini cookies from The Great American Cookie Company; if we're at Wal-Mart, we'll get a cookie from the bakery; and my personal favorite, frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf. We got cheesecake frozen yogurt and topped it with blueberries, raspberries and gummy bears:) It was so yummy and we had a fun little date in the orange chairs!

We've spent all our time together the past few weeks because Daddy's been so busy with baseball. You say "Mama" all the time now and can find and point at me from wherever you are. You can also point to/identify head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, foot, and legs. You can also say "bath, door, fish, choo choo, go, no, and uh-oh". It's so fun to hear your little voice. It's just the sweetest thing. It's amazing how quickly you're picking up on things. You can identify birds, bunnies, dogs and frogs wherever they are and you point to the sky everytime you hear a bird. You did this a lot during our family pictures.

You're still the best baby! You still love your morning and afternoon naps, you still love to be in bed by 7:30-7:45p, and you still eat anything we give you. Your new favorite snacks are graham crackers and vanilla wafers, though. Oh, and ice-pops at the baseball games.

You are just so fun and we just laugh at you all the time. You bring so much joy to our lives and make them so full of light!

We love you so much!!

All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

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