Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Love: Hamburgers, Cream Soda and Basketball

A few weeks ago during Spring Break, Nick and I headed out of town for a few days. We needed some time just the two of us. It had been far too long!

We headed to OKC on a Sunday and Nick exits at some random place and we drive down Route 66 for a little while. He tells me we're going to Pops. If you've never been there, you've got to go! It's in the middle of nowhere, Arcadia, OK, but it's right on Route 66. You can check it out here.

It was awesome to get off the highway and drive on Route 66 for awhile. We went through several small towns and it was so neat to see them. Most I'd never heard of, but there was just something so unique about them.

It was so cute to know that Nick planned this part of our journey as a surprise.

It was such an experience. It is just filled with glass bottles of pop! Every flavor you can imagine, even some you'd never think of. They have huge cases of different brands of orange, cream soda, root beer, cola, grape, strawberry, raspberry...then they had Peanut Butter and Jelly flavored and Buffalo Wings flavored. We didn't try those. We were starving, so we ordered right away.

Nick got some spicy burger and I got a classic cheese. They were delicious. I ate every bite...we shared fries:)

We then drove into OKC and did some shopping (mostly for Lucas!), checked into our hotel, had a little nap (it was Sunday afternoon, after all), then finally headed to Bricktown. We ate at Crabtown and went to the Thunder game. I was on the lookout for a shirt. You would not believe the prices! One of the women's tees (just a t-shirt, remember) was $56!!!! I finally found a kid's tee that fit, and it was under $30, so we bought it:)

We had great seats. Straight behind the goal!

It was such a production. We couldn't believe it. There was music playing constantly and fun things happening at each time-out and break. We had a blast! Here's Nick playing with a Rumble hat:)

We had the best time just the two of us. I wish we had the time/money to do that more often, but we don't. So we just take advantage of each opportunity and make every moment count.

I love that man!!!

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Erin said...

Thunder games are so much fun! Glad you guys had some time to yourselves!