Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer: Week 4

We've been out of school for a month now!  I cannot believe it.  It's just flying.  I hate that:(

Oh well, we've still enjoyed every second of it!!

On Monday of last week, we traveled to Tulsa for Uncle Callen's birthday.  Cassie did a great job throwing a Harry Potter themed party:)

She did a great job with decorations and little favors and the food was yummy too.  Callen wanted Mexican food for dinner; so we had guacamole, salsa and taquitos:)

Lucas had his first taquito and he really liked it!

He also enjoyed the cookies and the jelly beans:)

Here is the birthday boy and his lovely wife!

The birthday boy blowing out his candles

The hostess and I

And Lucas trying to get some last drops out of my empty root beer! I just thought he looked hilarious, so I had to snap a picture;)

Tuesday, we hung out outside all day and he got in his much-needed-aired-up pool in his jammies:)

Wednesday, he had another taquito and loved it just the same!

Friday, the three of us went to the park.  Lucas crawled through his first tunnel!  He was a little scared at first, but once he saw me on the other side, he went on through.

Saturday, we went to Joplin and we shared Chinese food and Lucas had his first fortune cookie.  I realize now that I should've kept his fortune, but I didn't.  I just got one of the food...fried rice and honey chicken!

We then headed to the lake!!!  We went to the lake once last year, but he was so tiny and he didn't get to enjoy it.  This time, he did!

He liked the ride (though it almost put him to sleep on several occasions)

He liked watching Daddy ski

He liked driving with Papa Rock

He liked seeing Aunt Megan

And he especially liked being in the water splashing with Mommy and Daddy

All in all, another busy but very fun week spent with the ones I love:)

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