Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer: Week 5

This week started with Father's Day!

This boy loves his daddy so much!  They are best buds:)

They had so much fun on the boat!  Nick and Megan were both with Rock on Father's Day and Megan's husband Bo was with his dad, too:)  We got a picture of all of them together!

Lucas just loved being on the lake!  Don't worry, the boat was already parked in this picture!  Haha:)

And my little family!  Love these boys more than they'll ever know!

Monday, we swam at Mimi's and she gave him a popsicle, which he loved...

Then we ate dinner at Grammy and Grampy's and he played in the sandbox finally!  She's had it for a few weeks and he's been kind of scared of it, but I think he got over his fear:)  This is especially good because we're going to Florida in a few weeks and I want him to like the beach!

Wednesday we went to Tulsa and hung out with Mimi, Aunt Cassie and Uncle Callen!!!  We had Freddie's for dinner:)

And on Thursday he got a much needed haircut.  We took him to the beauty salon when he was just about 6 months old for his first haircut, but ever since then Nick has cut it.  We usually cut it every 5 weeks, but it had been at least 2 months!  The past few times Nick has cut it, Lucas has just screamed and cried and has ended up hugging me toward the end and getting hair all over me, so we decided to take him back to the salon!

He did great:)  He sat still for Johna the entire time!  She did a great job cutting it, was so quick, and only charged $5!  Definitely worth it:)

He looked so big afterward!

That night we went to a "Celebrating Home" party at a friend's house and he got to lick the brownie spoon!  To say he liked it is the understatement of the century:)

The next day we went to see Daddy at his game.  I don't think I've watched a full inning of baseball yet this year!  Lucas has me running and following him all over the place!  When he does take a moment to sit and watch and he sees his Daddy on the field, he gets so excited!  He yells "Daddy" and immediately wants down to go see him.  He doesn't want to let him out of his sight!

And on Saturday, I went to my dear friend Heather's baby shower.  It was the cutest shower with the theme "About to Pop".  There were cake pops and flavored popcorn!   It was darling.  She's darling too and we got to see our friend Jessica who's due the same day as Heather!  Wish I could see these girls more often!

Another end to a great week and looking forward to what this one has in store!!!

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One of Nettie's Girls said...

I am loving your summer recap blogs! It's great that you are doing this. Trust me, so much of what we think we will never forget, well...we do. Love you.