Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Week 2

We had another busy, fun week!  Memorial Day started off with a rough night!  He woke up at 2:15a screaming crying and burning up!  I knew he wasn't feeling well on Sunday and I knew he was teething:( It was so sad.  Everything was hurting him.  I finally got him to drink some cold water; we gave him some Tylenol; and at about 3a he went back to sleep.

He woke up at 8a (Thank Goodness!) and was really sensitive.  We went outside and all he wanted to do was sit in this chair (you can see how puffy his little eyes were)

and look at himself in the window.  No swimming, no sliding, no golfing.  Hate it when he's sick:(

We ate lots of popsicles last week.  Those were the only things that he wanted.  His little gums were so sore.

We did manage to make it to my friend's to help her paint her nursery.  Her little boy Hudson is due in September and helping her get his room ready was so much fun.  Despite Lucas being extra sensitive, he did a great job.  He got some paint on him and made Mommy get a lot of paint on her, but mostly he sat in the living room and read books.  I did bring his chair (Thanks Goodness, again!) and he eventually gave up and went to sleep.  This was the first time he fell asleep in there.  It was so cute!

Thursday, began a whirlwind weekend!  We headed to Tulsa to meet my mom and sister.  I needed a dress for my dear friend Erin's wedding on Saturday.  We started at Kohl's, then took a break to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was yummy.  Since Lucas was teething, he wanted nothing but soft foods.  So, he ate a lot of jars of sweet potatoes and squash last week.  Here he is using his own spoon and smiling at Mimi:)  Making a mess, but very happy!!  He even got some on Mommy's finger, as you can see!

We shopped for about 3 more hours and couldn't find a dress, so we ended up going back to Kohl's and buying the first one I'd tried on.  Shopping is no fun when you're looking for a specific item in a specific color!!

Friday morning, I rode with my friend Brittany to Erin's bridal luncheon.  It was a lovely gathering of her friends and family.  There were lots of laughs and lots of tears as we reminisced on how we met Erin and how important she is to each of us!  Here's Brittany and I with the bride!

Friday evening was the rehearsal, then we headed to the groom's parents' house for the dinner.  It is a gorgeous house right on the lake.  We had a great time!  Heather was able to join us for that, so the Fab 4 were reunited!  Erin iso so tall!!!

Brittany and I had a good time with Scott's dad's many pairs of glasses laying around!

Saturday morning started with messing around in Pryor with Mimi and Aunt Cassie.  Mimi went to the bank and got a sucker for Lucas.

We had a great time at the wedding that evening, but sadly my mom was the only one that took pictures.  I have none:(  It was gorgeous, Erin was gorgeous, and we had lots of fun!!!!!

A crazy week, but another wonderful one!!!


Erin said...

Poor little Lucas. I hope those teeth pop through asap!

Mrs. Maxson said...

Me too!!!!!